How to manage mental health in a relationship? When you commit to a relationship, you want to feel loved and connected to your partner. But relationships can also go wrong, especially when things are not working out as anticipated. And when this happens, the emotional damage and loss of self-esteem take a toll on your […]

How Psychedelic Medicines May Revolutionize Mental Health Care

Psychedelic Medicines

The last year has been hard. Really, really, hard. So many parts of life we usually take for granted have been radically disrupted. A routine trip to the grocery store now involves a calculation of risks about personal health, the health of our loved ones, and what duties we owe to society at large! The […]

How to Improve Your Mental Health During the Tough Times?

mental health

With all of the uncertainty and upheaval surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, it’s no surprise that many people are struggling with their mental health right now. We’re facing isolation from our loved ones, our routines are in a state of flux, finances are tight, and we’re all worried about what the future may bring. Now more […]

Tips For Being Single on Valentine’s Day Without Drowning In the Blues

Being single on Valentine’s Day

Being single on Valentine’s Day is hard. Even if you’re perfectly at peace with your unattached status, all the noise around love, romance and happily-ever-after can sting. Wherever you turn, from social media to shopping malls and even your immediate circle of friends, the entire world seems to be flush with ideas of celebrating eternal […]

How to Overcome Negative Thoughts Without Therapy

How to overcome negative thoughts?

How to overcome negative thoughts? There’s an old joke that isn’t funny. The victim is asked to “Stop thinking about X” and whatever X is, the person is then stuck thinking about not thinking about it. The problem shows us how and why people trap themselves in negative thinking. The lesson is the key to […]

Dealing with Unsupportive Family and Friends

Unsupportive Family and Friends

People who have supportive friends and family are the luckiest folks in this world. Many of us cannot even relate to how it feels like having someone to cheer you on or be happy for you.

16 Easy Ways To Reduce Stress And Anxiety At Your Workplace

Reduce Stress

Anxiety and stress at your workplace are common. The pressure you face throughout the day is responsible for everything. Ignoring your work due to the high pressure leads to more stress. Therefore you should focus on the solutions that work.

What Is Anhedonia And How To Deal with Anhedonia?


What is Anhedonia? It is very common for individuals with mental health concerns to feel a lack of interest to do anything. They are more likely to be less motivated to engage in activities that used to interest them in the past, even if something good happens in their life, they may have difficulty in […]