Lost Your Job Due to COVID-19? Try these 3 alternatives to recalibrate yourself

If You Lost Your Job Due To Covid-19, Try These Three Alternatives. When the pandemic began, very few knew exactly what the real consequences would be.

In the first quarter of 2020, all the coronavirus problems started to appear, especially in the world economy.

Thousands of companies went bankrupt. Some others had to apply wage cuts to retain their workers. Unfortunately, others had to carry out massive layoffs due to the inability to keep an active payroll without producing.

Lost Your Job Due to COVID-19?

Maybe you are within that group of fired people. Therefore, we want to help you find alternatives during unemployment. This is a compilation of the three best options for the unemployed during the coronavirus pandemic.

Lost Your Job Due to COVID-19?

1.) Start a Bootcamp

Unemployment is the perfect opportunity to opt for better jobs. Even though large US companies are demanding new employees, you must know the best boot camps.

If you want to save money at this time, then you should know that many of these schools offer a financial scheme through which you don’t start paying tuition until you’ve landed a well-paying job in the industry you chose.

These intensive courses of 12 weeks (approximately) open the doors to the country’s best tech companies. How is this possible? Here we explain it quickly:

First of all, the demand for tech professionals is high. The country’s tech industries are continually looking for workers related to software engineering, coding, and cybersecurity, among others. Demand for employees is very high today and will continue to be for years to come.

Second, boot camps have great partnerships with major companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and many more. For that reason, graduates have a high chance of being hired.

Finally, if you have no prior knowledge of technology, no problem: these courses allow you to start from scratch in your preferred area. The quality of learning can be compared to that of a university. Also, in times of Covid-19, you can take these courses from home to be safe and sound.

2.)Work as a Freelancer

Lost your job due to Covid-19? Work as a freelancer. Freelancers grew incredibly fast during the pandemic. The reason is that time at home became an ideal excuse to generate money.

One of the largest freelance job websites is UpWork, which has more than 18 million freelancers and 3 million clients.

How important is a freelance job in the United States? According to an UpWork study, these types of jobs contribute $1.2 billion to the American economy, representing 36 per cent of the nation’s workforce. In addition, freelancing is also a popular way to make money from home in Canada.

So, do you think your growth opportunities are not high? Take a look at the average salary of freelancers in the world:

  • Programmer: $38 per hour
  • Graphic designer: $36 per hour
  • Writer: $38 per hour
  • Teacher: $41 per hour
  • Public relations manager: $52 per hour
  • Software engineer: $42 per hour

Lost Your Job Due to COVID-19?

3. Strengthen Your Mind and Body

In addition to money, one of the elements that you must take care of and improve during unemployment is your general health. The body and health are topics that you should never forget, especially in situations like confinement.

Thousands of people start a sedentary life, procrastinating during the coronavirus, spending hours and hours on TV, and social networks, and eating junk food. All excesses are dangerous!

Instead of having a sedentary life due to unemployment, you can take advantage of this time to improve your defences and your general system. Here are some activities you can do at this time:

  • Make a makeshift gym at home.
  • Do basic exercise routines without tools.
  • Walking or biking (using a mask).

These tips are for improving physical performance, but what about mental health? Many people do not take emotional stability into account, and unfortunately, unemployment and confinement can be evil allies to generate depression, anxiety, and stress in people.

The wisest advice during this situation is to contact professionals through social media, people who can help you maintain mental stability and control in all areas of your life. Your health should always be a priority.


These three tips can be the best tool during unemployment. Perhaps Covid-19 is your time to make a significant change in your life, health, and personal economy.

Even if you have lost your job due to COVID-19, If a door is closed, you can invest your knowledge and strength to pursue more optimistic goals. Losing a job is tough, but don’t let the pandemic be an obstacle; make this situation the best opportunity in your life.

Artur Meyster - byline

Artur Meyster is the CTO of Career Karma (YC W19), an online marketplace that matches career switchers with coding bootcamps. He is also the host of the Breaking Into Startups podcast, which features people with non-traditional backgrounds who broke into tech.



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