40 Little Things That Makes a Woman Happy

What makes a woman happy? Question of the century. Women have always been a subject of mystery. We are blamed to be complicated, not easy to understand, filled with too many expectations, and that dire need of commitment. But what does it takes to make a woman happy even with all these predicaments? Is it money? Love? A Big House? Fame? Success? Family? Children? Beauty? Sex? Or just the little things which come for free and can go easy? Honestly speaking, it is not difficult to make a woman happy. But in case you get stuck refer to these as good as 40 ways to make a woman happy. What makes a woman happy?

What makes a woman happy?

Maybe a little attention, appreciation, and some love!! We are the species that are continuously seeking attention from our loved ones. Reason? It gives us motivation, encouragement, and maybe a mood lift. When we cook something special, we seek feedback, when we dress up we look up for a compliment, when we feel low we long for those warm hugs, and all this makes us feel loved and wanted, that’s it. The life¬†of a married woman revolves around her family, she works tirelessly and selflessly for her family and all she needs is some consideration and admiration in return. We can adopt several measures to show her that we care about her and below I am going to mention a few. So, all the husbands and boyfriends or anyone who wants to make her woman happy, do not miss reading this blog till the end. Something might click for you ūüôā

40 Little Things That Makes a Woman Happy

What makes a woman happy? The below-mentioned points are based on a very simple philosophy of cherishing little things and paying attention at the right time. Hence, I will begin with the most basic requirement to make a woman happy, i.e. LOVE
1.)  Love abundantly
2.)  Respect willingly
3.)  Appreciate whole-heartedly
4.)  Express it all
5.) Encourage her to move ahead
6.)  A warm hug a day keeps the doctor away
7.)  A kiss on the forehead
8.)  An active listening
9.)  Support her to follow her dreams
10.)  Motivate her
11.)  Surprise her
12.)  Compliment her
13.)  Be grateful
14.)  Cherish memories and make new ones
15.)  Share load load
16.)  Compassion
17.)  Empathize
18.)  Be her stress-relief
19.)  Pamper her
20.)  Cooking with her
21.)  Hold her hands
22.)  Keeping a check on her
23.)  Help her to overcome her inner demons
24.)  Make her feel secure
25.) Don’t doubt her decision-making
26.)  Stand for her and by her
27.) Don’t compare her with other women
28.) Keep that intimacy alive
29.) Learn to say sorry
30.) Learn to forgive
31.) Try dancing together
32.) Read together
33.) Go for walks
34.) Be open to change
35.) Don’t ignore her
36.) Help her find her way
37.) Let her know how you feel
38.) Let her know you care
39.) Don’t let her give up on you
40.) Fall in love daily
1.) ¬†Love abundantly It is said that love can even thaw mountains, but only if it is true. Most of the men feel that why should we say I love you daily or why should we tell at all, isn’t that understandable? To understand it more, a woman wants to listen to it more often, if a few words of love can bring a smile to her face, what’s the harm? 2.) ¬†Respect willingly With love comes respect and when you respect your woman and give her a special place in your heart, she will always rejoice in it, value it. A woman feels positive when she loved and respected equally. 3.) ¬†Appreciate whole-heartedly A little bit of appreciation goes a long way, just one day you hep her doing the dishes she says thank you t you because she feels obliged, do you say thank you to her for what all she does for you and your family? You don’t have to literally say it all the time, but being grateful helps. 4.) ¬†Express it all Express what you feel, we take feelings for granted and it creates a gap between our understanding many times. When you stop expressing how you feel, she somehow stops believing you and even goes into self-doubt. Sit, talk, and let her know. 5.) Encourage her to move ahead We get discouraged very easily, lose all the confidence and feel devastated on many occasions because we expected to be perfect all the time, let her know that it is ok to imperfect, and encourage her to stay happy with all the little imperfections around her. 6.) ¬†A warm hug a day keeps the doctor away Just when you see her tired and she calls a day off, switching off the lights, making her children sleep. just give her a warm hug to make her feel loved, say nothing, just be there in the moment, she will feel 50% lighter. 7.) ¬†A kiss on the forehead Start your day with it or before you go to the office, she will carry that love in the heart the entire day and the smile this little gesture will bring to her is priceless and enough for the day. 8.) ¬†An active listening You will see her irritated on many occasions, sometimes due to hormonal issues, menstruation, and sometimes without any reason, just try to be there for her. Listen to her as a friend, it will help her ease. 9.) ¬†Support her to follow her dreams Many women crave a strong support system from their life-partners, it boosts their confidence and morale to move ahead in life. Support her with her dreams and help her achieve them. 10.) ¬†Motivate her We all need motivation in life and with a little motivation you can make her an incredibly motivated woman, she will be energetic and feel good about herself the entire day. Women attach a lot of sentiments to their family and when they boost their morale, she blooms. What makes a woman happy? 11.) Surprise her Everybody loves surprises, so is your woman, Take out some time alone with her, take her out, gift her flowers when she least expects it, she will love you for this. 12.)¬† Compliment her What makes a woman happy? Compliments! Compliment her when she looks good, compliment her when she cooks a different delicacy, compliment her when she tries something new, a woman, a homemaker, a mother serves selflessly to her family and these compliments lift her mood, is it too hard to do this?¬† 13.) ¬†Be grateful For all the things she does for you and your family, be grateful. Express gratitude to her for all the unconditional love and care she gives to you, you will be amazed how beautifully she will do it even more of it. 14.) ¬†Cherish memories and make new ones After a while, we stop growing, we grow but not together, the beauty of a relationship is not to see the same thing but at least sit together and see things differently. cherish older memories and create new ones by exploring this life together. 15.) ¬†Share load load When the house belong s to everyone then why the kitchen and all the household chores belong to only women? You can share the load and give her a break. A household chore goes unnoticed because she does everything on her own, participate with her. 16.) ¬†Compassion Compassion is the sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress and a desire to ease it. Being compassionate towards your woman lt her own feelings too. 17.) ¬†Empathize Empathy will help you relate to her problems and when you will be able to relate to how she is feeling about certain things, you would be in a better position to help her relieve from it. 18.)¬† Be her stress-relief Stress is not gender-specific though but it affects men and women differently. Women become emotionally vulnerable and they need attention, timely intervention can help.

This reminds me of one of the famous songs by Bryan Adams. I promise you will be so mesmerized by the lyrics and the soft music. You might fall in love with your woman again!! ūüôā¬†

19.) ¬†Pamper her What makes a woman happy? Pampering and spoiling her. Yes, and this is not too hard to do. You don’t have to buy her expensive gifts or take her on some luxurious holidays, you just have to be with her at the moment and create happiness. 20.) ¬†Cooking with her Cooking is fun when it is done together. As I said, share the load, you can help her in the kitchen often. She will feel more energetic and feel very grateful to you, try doing it. 21.) ¬†Hold her hands Never stop holding her hands, never leave her alone in the crowd. Never stop holding her when she needs you. She feels most secure when she is held by you, even without saying a word, it says a lot. 22.) ¬†Keeping a check on her She might speak less, stay indifferent and you might not pay attention to thinking that she must be occupied in something, it’s better to ask than to assume. Keep a check on her regularly. 23.) ¬†Help her to overcome her inner demons We all have our inner demons, in the form of fear, anxiety, and stress. Help her get a hold of it, whether you are dating or married to someone with anxiety or general stress, believe me, your attention will surely help her. 24.) ¬†Make her feel secure A relationship is a life-time commitment based on true love, trust, and respect. When you give her all the things she deserves in the exact proportion you can, she feels secure with you and gives her the best in the relationship. 25.) Don’t doubt her decision-making In many households, the woman hardly stands a chance to put her words and make a decision. Let her voice matter, let her raise her voice, and make a few decisions too. 26.) ¬†Stand for her and by her It happens in almost every family, especially when you are staying with your in-laws. The environment of the house is mostly tensed, she feels left out most of the time and when you stand by her, you make her feel at home. 27.) Don‚Äôt compare her with other women Please never do that, just imagine how would you feel when your woman will compare you with some other man? When you compare your partner with others you demean them and disrespect them. 28.) Keep that intimacy alive Intimacy keeps a relationship alive, emotionally, and physically. It makes you feel connected. Simple gestures like hand-holding, cuddling, hugs, and kisses are important to your relationship or it may die with lack of it. 29.) Learn to say sorry It is ok to apologize to a woman, yes leave that machoism aside and say sorry when you hurt her and when you know you did. Do not ignore this very fact not doing it will affect your relationship in the long-run. She will start disrespecting you too. 30.) Learn to forgive There would be times when she will goof up things, make a disastrous dinner, or say things she shouldn’t have. But when she comes to seeking an apology, listen to her with a calm mind and forgive her, explain to her how you feel about it, and talk it out. 31.) Try dancing together Have you ever thought of joining an activity class together? Dance, Zumba, salsa, or anything? Couples who do things together stay together and closer. 32.) Read together You might have different tastes but when you sit and read together, you build a very friendly atmosphere around you, you have a lot to discuss and if she loves to read and you don’t just sit beside her and do what you love to do. 33.) Go for walks Oh, I love this! Going for those long walks holding each other hands, not only boosts your blood circulation but it fills your heart with positivity and your happy hormones activate. 34.) Be open to change What makes a woman happy? When you are open to changes when you are open to discuss ideas and new things, you give her room to explore, you allow her to think and take decisions in life, be open and give her some freedom to rejoice in her life. 35.) Don‚Äôt ignore her Ignorance kills. It kills the beauty of relationships when you start taking each other for granted and ignore the feelings. A relationship fails when it starts ignoring the other. If you really want to make her happy, be there for her and make her feel loved not ignored. 36.) Help her find her way When a woman gets married, she enters into a new domain, and sometimes she loses her space and needs someone to push her in the right direction. Be that person, help her find her way, and take charge of her married life.¬† 37.) Let her know how you feel If you won’t say she won’t know. Period. Men are comparatively less expressive and women are more expressive and she expects their man to be the same. But we cannot certain inbuilt personality traits here, so with due consideration try to express how you feel so that you don’t build a bridge of poor communication between you two. 38.) Let her know you care Make her cup of tea when she is unwell, give her some rest when she looks tired, ask her if she needs something when you are on the way home, these little gesture doesn’t cost a thing but will surely help to nurture your relationship. 39.) Don‚Äôt let her give up on you I have seen women giving up on their husbands and boyfriends even after putting hell lot of efforts, she breaks from inside. Please don’t do it, never be so ignorant of someone’s feelings especially when you claim that you love that person. 40.) Fall in love daily The best way to keep a woman happy is to make her feel love, make her feel wanted, and make her feel that you need her in your life and she will be there for you. To conclude, I would say never bring ego between you two. Never hurt each other’s feelings when you claim that you love each other. All these mentioned points apply to both men and women, after all, we all need to stay happy and feel loved. Please stay there and do not give up on each other. Stay happy. Stay blessed.
Lots of love and gratitude

What makes a woman happy
Priyanka Nair is the author of 26 Days 26 Ways for a Happier you and Ardhaviram. An NLP practitioner and Founder of Sanity Daily, helping you prioritize your mental health. Let’s build a happy community.

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