Finding Your Purpose As A Married Woman And Living Your Life To The Fullest

Finding your purpose as a married woman and living your life with passion is the way to unlock its full potential. Life has a lot more to offer, only if we are willing to take that plunge.

The majority of women stop growing after they get married, they feel that with marriage they attained nirvana, and marriage is the ultimate destination of a girl’s life, and et voila you reached it.

Now what next, what will you do when you will feel left out and unproductive? Will you compare yourself with others and pity yourself or will you like to ride against the tide and do something for yourself?

Finding your purpose as a married woman

Finding your purpose as a married woman

Why does it become so difficult to come out of our own cocoon? What are the factors responsible for harnessing our growth and development as an individual? What stops you or what holds you back to find your purpose in life? 

In my last article, I had spoken about the importance of taking charge of your life as a married woman at length, and today I am going to share as good as 10 stressors that stop you from finding your purpose as a married woman.

1.) Social Norms


Because all the norms are made up for women only. A woman is expected to behave in a certain manner after she gets married and that’s how finding your purpose as a married woman becomes a distant dream.

She becomes a representative of a household suddenly and is expected to perform all her duties with utmost devotion and selfless love.

2.) Stereotypes


Those same old wives tales, coming from ages to generations to generations. Gender stereotypes or any other discrimination shuns the growth of a woman in so many ways. The list could be endless and how it affects the mindset of women is frustrating.

3.) Patriarchy


Although a lot has been said about equality nowadays, there remains a larger chunk where women are still discriminated on the basis of wages, promotions and some are not even allowed to go out and work just because they are WOMAN.

4.) Unfavorable Environment


Too many family members, too many responsibilities, some elder person who is ill or too dependent on you. You want to achieve a lot but due to an unfavorable environment, you don’t even get time to focus on your life’s purpose.

5.) Access Limitations


You do not have the ease of access. You don’t get information and you are not updated with the latest trends because you are not in that kind of surroundings. People you live with have no purpose in life and neither they encourage you to find one, it again pulls you down.

6.) Family Constraints


One of the major contributors stoping to finding your purpose as a married woman. You are the center of everyone’s universe. You keep the house running and maintain the flow of everything in your house hence no one ever thinks about your dreams and desires.

7.) Family Responsibility


When you are loaded with a lot of responsibilities, even when you are a working woman on a career path sometimes you don’t enjoy what you are doing, maybe because you are the sole breadwinner of the house, maybe you are a single mom. The situation varies from woman to woman and family plays a very vital role in helping a woman change it, but the sad truth is it hardly happens.

8.) Lack of Support


You are available for everyone but when you want to figure out something you lack that strong support system that says go ahead we are there to support you. A woman doesn’t need everything served in the platter but all she needs is trust and few words of encouragement. It gives her a major boost to move ahead and go behind things she aspires for.

9.) ILL Health


For someone who has been facing a lot of health issues, hormonal imbalance, post-partum depression, parental challenges, it becomes all the more stressful to find their own IKIGAI in the process. They lose their inner space and you will hardly find anyone who will uplift you or remind you to gear up.

10.) Emotional imbalance


How losing your emotional balance can divert you from finding your purpose as a married woman? Emotional balance is the ability of the mind and body to maintain equilibrium and flexibility in the face of challenge and change. Just after we get bombarded with responsibilities and duties we lose our equilibrium and that’s when we stop growing.

A quick exercise to help you find your real purpose in life

  • Grab a pen and a paper
  • Sit in a quiet place
  • Write down a job you are good at
  • Write down a skill you love to follow

Now think from this perspective; what you are are good at could be something you are doing out of your qualification and understanding which might even pay you well. What you love to follow could be something that you are passionate about but are uncertain if you could follow it as a career, right?

Now if you really want to follow your passion, write down where you lack to pursue it? Do you need to upgrade your knowledge to start or have lost complete touch with your interest? 

To add further, ask one more question to yourself, can you earn something out of your passion or can you be content with the satisfaction you will derive when you will follow something you love to do even when you won’t get paid for it? Classify your answers.

By this, you will be able to get to a point where you will become more clear about finding your purpose as a married woman who still dreams to shine and rule her world.

Finding your purpose as a married woman

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10 Ways to find your purpose as a married woman

I have been married for a while and trust me being a full-time blogger was not my aim of life. I am a master’s in business administration with relevant work experience, but when I discovered that I can no longer go out and work because I was undergoing critical treatment of year, I found my peace and solace in writing. How? Writing poetry was my passion and combined it with my purpose. 

I started writing, learning, upgrading and it kept me going, it took me to places I had never imagined I will witness, it helped me transcend and unlock the real me.

1.) Start living each day 

Get up and be awesome. Do not wake up anxious. Love your life even though you might feel sad about it, embrace it, and own every day of your life.

2.) Make yourself your priority

In the daily hustle of meeting everybody’s expectations and keeping everything in order, we forget to take a breather and then we get all frustrated about how we sacrifice ourselves at every step, but who cares? So why not take a little care of yourself too, in the process.

3.) Invest in yourself

Invest a little time, little courage, little strength, and little money if you have to and learn something. Meet like-minded people. Build a circle which uplifts you and help you learn something new.

4.) Take charge of your life

Taking charge of your life as a married woman, and as a married woman myself, I would say that like you, even I have been through a lot of ups and downs in life, but I have never stopped feeding my inner-soul and that has kept me going. 

5.) Be a go-getter

Do not wait for the right time or the right opportunity, just grab it. Be a go-getter. Stand up for the things you believe in and work around it.

6.) Lift another woman

Do you know the biggest change you can make in your life is by empowering other women around you? You can be a voice for many, you can represent a cause or simply help someone overcome the daily hurdles of her life.

7.) Never be afraid to work-hard

The journey of miles begins with a single step, but taking that first step is the most crucial task to do, just because of the fear of the journey people step back. Don’t do that.

8.) Don’t seek excuses, seek prospects

I have seen many women around me making excuses like I don’t get time, I have household chores, I have to manage kids. So let me tell you almost all women do the same thing but we have many prominent personalities who have set an example to aspire and not seek excuse. Finding your purpose as a married woman is in your hands also as most of the barriers are mind-made, crush them.

9.) Grab the equal opportunity you get daily

You get 24 hours, I get 24 hours, Michelle Obama or Indira Nooyi gets 24 hours. What we make out of those 24 hours is what changes our stories. So why not use some hours at your advantage?

10.) Only you can change your life

Only you have the power to change your life, irrespective of how favorable or worst situation you are in, there is always something you can do about your life, so please grab the power as no one will give you the power.

To conclude, I would say before you think that I have a very easy life, somewhere on this planet in my cozy room, sitting with a laptop and suggesting these things are easy and are not at all workable. Let me tell you I have been through a lot of tough situations in my life and I thank them as they have made me what I am today and I refuse to be a victim of my circumstances, so if I can, you can and if you can, your daughter can. Together we can empower each other. Take charge of your life. Have a blessed one. 



Finding your purpose as a married woman

Priyanka Nair is the author of 26 Days 26 Ways for a Happier you and Ardhaviram. An NLP practitioner and Founder of Sanity Daily, helping you prioritize your mental health. Let’s build a happy community.

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