Beating Self-Doubt As A Woman: 21 Freaking Ways

Beating Self-Doubt As A Woman: 21 Freaking Ways

Beating self-doubt as a woman is as important as you breathe daily. Because it is very easy to judge and doubt your own efforts when no one is clapping for you. Self-doubt and procrastination are not only time thieves but energy killers too. They ruin the beauty of your life and destroy your goals. When you doubt your own feelings, emotions, efforts, commitment, dedication, and determination, you lose control of your life. In this blog, I am to going talk about the ways I overcame self-doubt as a woman and stopped for nothing. [the_ad id=”648″] Beating self-doubt as a woman

Beating Self-doubt As A Woman

I know you must be wondering ok how do we do that lady? First of all, we need to recognize the problems we have with ourselves, we need to accept them and fix them. Honestly speaking no one is born successful and all the successful people who talk about it have their own struggles, own journey and they literally carved their own path. All we need to do is search for ours. We usually focus on others, we are on the constant look-out for shortcuts, we make excuses, we want everything perfect and very soon. But who talks about the struggles they are ready to face, the efforts they are ready to put in the process? Let’s talk about that first. Gear up women, as I share few doses of sanity which kept me intact in the toughest spots of life and kept me moving, even though I felt tired, numb, and was ready to succumb, oh the occasional poet in me is here ūüôā I didn’t stop.

21 Freaking Ways to Beat the Self-doubt Syndrome

Ok, what do you think are the areas of self-doubt as a woman? While you ask this question to yourself try to list all the questions and answer them. Beating self-doubt as a woman is only possible when you accept them and work on them, one by one. Self-doubt syndrome or self-imposter syndrome in women is very common and somehow natural due to various external pressure like meeting everybody’s expectations. Taking care of family and her relationship with her in-laws. Here are a few ways you can re-define yourself and re-gain your lost balance.
Beating self-doubt as a woman
1.)  Refine your company
2.)  Stay away from toxic people
3.)  Prioritize 
4.)  Define your goals
5.)  Set your vision board
6.)  Stop making excuses
7.)  Trust your plans
8.)  Learn to say NO
9.)  Do not compare with others
10.) Maintain a journal
11.) Upgrade your skills
12.) Celebrate all your success
13.)  Evaluate your progress
14.)  Do not listen to others
15.)  Do not follow the noise
16.)  Raise your self-awareness
17.)  Be mindful
18.)  Stop seeking validation
19.)  Practise gratitude
20.)  Be kind to self 
21.)  Allow yourself to make mistakes
[the_ad id=”648″] 1.) ¬†Refine your company You might be having a lot of friends, you might be the most social person, but how many of them help you and be there for you when you need it? Believe in quality over quantity, stick to them who bring out the best in you. 2.) ¬†Stay away from toxic people They could be anywhere, as a woman the most toxic person in our life could be that narcissistic mother in law, you will leave no chance to put you in self-doubt zone or that critical husband who keeps on finding faults in you. Define strict boundaries with them and don’t let their negativity and insecurity enter you. 3.) ¬†Prioritize¬† For beating self-doubt as a woman we need to prioritize. We accumulate a lot of things in our life, a lot of relations, a lot of sentiments and they stop us from moving ahead as we attach a lot of meaning to each and everything. De-clutter and prioritize everything you have in your life. 4.) ¬†Define your goals Set realistic goals, it could be anything like setting up a kitchen garden or a mini library in your house or starting up with your boutique or bakery shop. A goal is a goal, and always set short-term goals which require a small time period, set a deadline and monitor them. 5.) ¬†Set your vision board It doesn’t matter if you are a homemaker or a working woman, we all need to set a vision board for ourselves. I don’t think there is a single woman who doesn’t dream, who doesn’t want to aspire and do something in her life. Create a vision board and bring it on paper, ask yourself, where do you see yourself in the coming months or years, and note it down. 6.) ¬†Stop making excuses 90% of failures come to those who make an excuse for everything they don’t do. Making an excuse will lead you to nowhere. We all get an equal opportunity with 24 hours in our hands every single day, now it is up to us how we use it to our advantage. 7.)¬† Trust your plans For beating self-doubt as a woman, you need to trust our plans. You need to belive in yourself even if no one believes in you and keep moving the direction where you see your path. 8.) ¬†Learn to say NO This is the biggest lesson I have learned in my life, I have learned to say no to situations and people who do not value others time and make you feel worthless. Just because you are easily accessible to them, they take you for granted, don’t let that happen to you. 9.) ¬†Do not compare with others Your chapter 20 cannot be my chapter 10 and my chapter 50 can not be your chapter 30, sounds complicated? It becomes exactly the same when you compare your life with others.¬† 10.) Maintain a Daily journal A daily journal could be your venting out point, your savior, and your friend. It could help you track your mood and refine it. When in doubt sip a coffee and sit with your journals, pen down your thoughts, and release all the doubts you are holding. Self-doubt syndrome or self-imposter syndrome in women is very common and somehow natural due to various external pressure like meeting everybody's expectations. Taking care of family and her relationship [the_ad id=”648″] 11.) Upgrade your skills The best way for beating self-doubt as a woman is to keep yourself updated. You feel lost when you don’t know the answers, you don’t know what to talk about and you start doubting yourself, blaming yourself, instead replace the doubt with an upgrade. 12.) Celebrate all your success In aspiring higher goals, we forget to celebrate small success, we forget to be grateful or what we have been able to achieve and that’s where we lack. Please learn to celebrate all the little success you achieve while you move ahead in life. 13.)¬† Evaluate your progress Take out time to evaluate your progress, how your cooking is better than it was before, how you have been able to write better than before, it will bring a wide smile of satisfaction on your face. 14.)¬† Do not listen to others Please save yourself some sanity by not listening to others. Beating self-doubt as a woman is possible when you stop seeing yourself from other’s viewpoints. Do not listen to what they have to say when what they say disturbs you. 15.)¬† Do not follow the noise There lies a lot of noise-makers, who follow the rat-race and make noise for everything they do. When you will follow them you will feel lost and you will lose the track of your progress as it will look pale in the brightness of their pretentious world. 16.)¬† Raise your self-awareness Bring your self-awareness. Self-awareness helps you see clearly and objectively through reflection and introspection.¬† By being aware of your thought process and your state you claim your belief in self. 17.)¬† Be mindful Be in the moment and go with the flow, that is being mindful. When we find reasons for everything and doubt ourselves, we become anxious, and when we choose to see things as it is we choose to stay mindful and not mind full. 18.)¬† Stop seeking validation It is natural that when we doubt ourselves we tend to seek validation from others, we want others to say that yes you are doing great, you are going well. But sometimes the only validation we need is of our firm belief t carry on and stop for something.¬† 19.)¬† Practise gratitude When I started practicing gratitude my life started to change, I started thanking everything and everyone who supported me, who helped me and was there for me, it helped me to feel content. The more I practice gratitude and be grateful for the things I have, I feel satisfied. 20.)¬† Be kind to self¬† You can be kind to everyone around you, so why can’t you be kind to your self? You pressurize your self, your body starts to drain and feel tired but you keep on pushing yourself further, drag yourself just to finish what you started. Be kind to yourself, give yourself some break in between. 21.)¬† Allow yourself to make mistakes Mistakes are proof that at least you are doing something. You learn a lot from your mistakes and as you move ahead with any plan of yours you will always take reference to your past-mistakes, so allow yourself to commit some. So with these 21 ways for beating self-doubt as a woman, I am sure you will relate to few and it will help you to not fall in the self-doubt zone. All this has worked for me and helped me follow my goals, the firm belief and your will-power is all you need to keep yourself going. There would be occasions on which you will feel unsatisfied and might doubt your abilities and efforts, which is alright but tap out soon. Take charge of your life and be awesome. Lots of love and gratitude.

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