Do you have social anxiety around in laws? Just imagine you have been invited for a wedding ceremony along with your in laws next week. Now your whole universe will revolve around that event for another one week.
For some its s just another event where they get a chance to deck up, party, enjoy food and drinks, click pictures but for some daughter in laws it becomes a grave concern right from what to wear, who will be there, what they will say, what your mother in law will say to them, etc .
You may start getting anxious immediately after getting the invitation to the wedding event, and spend hours worrying about it. When the actual day arrives you feel nervous, agitated, and low about yourself and even after the event gets over, you think about it and you think about how you acted and how you looked, which ultimately makes you more anxious.
The fact is that social anxiety is more about others, the fear of being around people, what they think, and how they treat you is the main concern for you. 


Seven ways to deal with social anxiety around in laws

While there is always some hope amidst the chaos, we can look for the brighter side to take preventive steps before this disorder starts taking a toll on us. Do you have social anxiety around in laws? If yes, let us find some ways out of it.

1. Change the topic
2. Shift the focus
3. Maintain a distance
4. Find your corner
5. Avoid the awkwardness
6. Join support groups
7. Try Talk therapy