11 Things To Remember When You Feel Lost And Confused in Life

Are you feeling lost and confused in your life? Do you feel stuck in the middle of nowhere? You want to do a lot of things, you set goals but somehow you feel so lost and hopeless that you don’t know a way out.

What to do when you feel lost and confused? How can you flatten this curve of self-doubt and lacuna in your belief system? No this is not just another Gyan/preaching blog, trust me I get that a lot. Everything I say and everything I do is based on research and personal experiences, so yes if I can you can and if you can someone else can. No harm in spreading hope and positivity, I believe.

What to do when you feel lost and confused in your daily life?

Why does one feel lost and confused? How does it feel to be off the radar, and feel guilty about it at the same time, the feeling is for real. There could be several reasons hampering your mental health and deteriorating your emotional wellness, it becomes really hard to stay motivated when nothing goes as planned, but there are a few ways to help you fight it.

But all these only works when you are willing to help yourself. I often hear people saying that these things don’t work, yes, they don’t, unless you work on them. You need to choose yourself every day until you no longer have that need or it becomes a part of your system.

For most of our lives, we try to find others, someone to fall in love with, someone who can love us, someone to lean on or someone who can hold our back. But most importantly we forget to find ourselves and when things fall apart we find it so difficult to connect within that we even give up on the whole idea of soul searching and continue to move ahead cluelessly.

What to do when you feel lost and confused?

Here are 11 things you can do when you feel lost and confused in life:

1.) It is ok to feel this awayAcceptance

Start with an acceptance, feeling in a certain manner is ok but not accepting and owning it will only lead to more emotional stress. It is alright to feel lost and confused and to not be able to see things clearly when you question your being or purpose of living.

2.) You are not alone- Assurance

You are not the only one going through confusion, lack of clarity and focus right now, so don’t go hard on yourself. Take it a little easy and allow yourself to process what is happening with you.

3.) It will never be the same – Impermanence

Nothing is permanent, the golden rule. If happiness is temporary, so is pain and so is sadness followed by hopelessness. So please hold on.

4.) Have a strong belief in yourself –Self-belief

Have a positive set of self-affirmations set in your mind. Try to build a stronger belief system based on your own truth.

5.) Allow yourself to sink in – Self-compassion

It is ok to not feel ok and have everything sorted at once. Allow yourself to loosen up a little when things become too weary.

6.) Do not be afraid of making mistakes – Self-introspection

The feeling of hopelessness affects your decision-making ability, you can’t think straight and you might make mistakes. It is natural to feel this way on many occasions.

7.) SWOT analyse yourself- Self-awareness

Analyse your Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. Own them and work on them.

8.) Show yourself some love – Self-love

What to do when you feel lost and confused? Show yourself some love, leave that space to unwind. Treat yourself the way you would have treated your child or your loved one.

9.) Practise gratefulness- Attitude of gratitude

I know for many people practising gratitude and staying positive, sounds toxic. But it miraculously works for many. So don’t leave the little kindness left round, rather hold it uptight.

10.)Take this time to unwind- Self-care

I know it might sound cliche, take a break, take time to relax, don’t force things. But sometimes it is important and it is all we can do. We can only wait, we can stay patient and prepare ourselves for a better tomorrow by nourishing our inner self.

11.) Do not stop staying hopefulThis shall too pass

HOPE is the most powerful tool for survival. Everyone no matter how much of a pessimist that individual is wants to stay hopeful deep down. Most of the sentences begin with, I just hope…we unknowingly just hope for the best things to happen and that gives us a momentary purpose. So never stop staying hopeful. This shall too pass.

To conclude, I would say, even I have my bad days and I feel so lost and confused about going ahead with some decisions but I try to stay mindful and remind myself to segregate what is and what is not in my control and based on that, I try to figure out my future course of action. I hope this helps you.

Love and light


what to do when you feel lost and confused

Priyanka is a published author of 26 Days 26 Ways for a Happier you, Ardhaviram and Broken & Beautiful. An NLP practitioner and Founder of Sanity Daily, helping you prioritize your mental health. Let’s build a happy community.

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