Few Things You Need To Know About Depression: Personal Story

A few things you need to know about depression. Depression is a mental health disorder characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life. People may experience hopelessness, sadness, social isolation, mood swings, etc.
Depression comes silently into our lives and makes us hollow from the inside. When our mental state is not strong, it begins to enslave us, either it is a situation or a person.
The key to the happiness and sorrow of our life passes into the hands of others. At that time we all fall victim to grief and depression because when the key to our life remains in the hands of others, it will only make us sad.
Whether it is a situation or a person. But the problem increases when this condition persists for a long time in people. By constantly being in this condition, we push ourselves into the well of depression.

Things You Need To Know About Depression

Things You Need To Know About Depression          


You might not believe it even in my life, depression knocked many times, but I never allowed myself to go into depression. Because I believe that nothing is greater than the limits of our will power, thinking, and understanding. If we can promote feelings in ourselves, then it is also in our hands to erase them. I made a specialty inside myself that grief has to end, to solve the problem, thinking has to be given a new direction. This thinking is still a part of my life. According to me, it should be a part of everyone’s life. 
          But in the end, I would like to mention one important thing you need to know about depression is that we get entangled in our problems so much that we fail to solve them and we don’t even share our problems with people around us, we must share it with loved ones. I have seen ups and downs in my life. The good thing is that whenever there is any shadow of sadness, fear, or anything else like that on my face my family members are there to look at me.
Today people prefer to live separately for small happiness and freedom. They detach themselves from their family in name of freedom. So those who are vulnerable and mentally ill are creating a house of sadness for themselves. Sometimes you may feel that family members are interrupting in small matters but important thing is that when you can’t throw out your anger, fear, and other problems of your mind you start to feel low from inside.
In today’s fast-paced world where no one has time for each other, especially without any personal interest. No one will listen to you. I have to get support from my family in every corner of my life journey till now and also I have supported every one of my family members. That why these negatives thoughts and sadness could never harm one if we all share how we feel, our stress our sadness, sharing will reduce it and multiply happiness.
Because when we are sad or stuck in a problem, we attract negativity, and like it is there is no shortage of people who leaves no space to bother us and such people sometimes take advantage and guide us to the wrong path. That is why always discuss your problems with your well-wishers. If you discuss your problems with the wrong people, they can misuse your personal information, gaslight you leading you to more mental distress. I have seen and experienced people forcing you to attempt suicide or go into self-harm.
The most important of all the things you need to know about depression is before you judge someone and label them remember, it can hit anybody at any point in time. Depression has no face but depression is for real and people wear a mask to protect what they have to hide from society, they cannot even talk freely because of the fear of shame and stigmas attached to mental illness.
These are my experience and views about mental illness like depression, I hope it helps you to come out of the dark zone and take charge of your life with grace and vigor.
Chitra Roy

I am Chitra Roy. I am from Kolkata, West Bengal. I am a Youtuber, Motivational Speaker, Author, Podcaster, Child counselor, and Family mediator.

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