10 Undeniable Signs You Are In a Toxic Relationship

So what is a toxic relationship? Meanwhile, it is a term you have probably heard of many times before, there is actually a slight chance you do not know everything about it. Sometimes, people can spend years in a toxic relationship without even realizing it is toxic.

To understand the signs you are in a toxic relationship, the best thing you can do is stay observant and pay attention to the red flags. If you think you might be in a toxic relationship, here are a few signs of a toxic relationship that will help you notice it faster and teach you how to leave a toxic relationship. 

How Do I Know I Am In a Toxic Relationship?

If you are wondering if there is a possibility you might be in a toxic relationship, the odds are pretty high that you are indeed in a toxic relationship. Otherwise, none of it would ever come to your mind. If you feel lonely even though you are in a relationship, that is the easiest way to figure out unhealthy relationships and avoid them. By learning more about what toxic relationships are, you will also learn how to end an unhealthy relationship and how moving on from a toxic relationship works. While being in a toxic relationship is quite exhausting for everyone, getting over it all will only make you stronger.

signs you are in a toxic relationship

Signs You Are In a Toxic Relationship

To help you “detect” all of the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship, we have listed 10 of them for you to pay attention to at all times:

  1. You Barely Ever Feel Good Enough

If you are dating someone who is just never really truly happy with how you are and you never feel comfortable enough to feel good around them, run away from them and stop wasting your precious time. Your partner is supposed to boost your confidence, not make you doubt yourself. And both of you need to learn how to build emotional strength in your relationship and make each other stronger emotionally. This is an exceptionally important concept of healthy relationships.

  1. Your Partner Brings You Down

Having a partner who tends to have a rather vulgar vocabulary can sometimes be pretty hilarious. However, if your partner is rude and continuously brings you down by embarrassing you before everyone, leave them, they don’t deserve you. 

  1. Your Partner Is Not Willing To Put Effort Into Your Relationship

Maybe your partner and you are aware of your relationship’s issues, but they just do not seem to care enough to try and fix it together. This is a relationship red flag that shows the partner doesn’t care as much as you do.

  1. You Argue A Lot

Arguing is a pretty normal thing and everyone argues sometimes. You just need to figure out if you have a case of healthy fighting or if it went too far. However, if you fight a lot, like a few times a week – that isn’t good. This is a huge warning sign your relationship is toxic, and you two should no longer waste your time.

  1. There Is Just Way Too Much Jealousy

Jealousy is quite common among people who are in toxic relationships. For some reason, dishonesty and a lack of interest often result in jealousy as your partner, or you often look at other people and think about hooking up. This is completely natural, as sexual attraction is also much related to our interest in a person.

  1. You Feel Like Your Partner Lies A Lot

If your partner is one of those people who just have to lie all the time to get what they want, then there is nothing better you can do but leave them and never look back again. Liars are often the most manipulative and selfish individuals, and there is no reason you would need that in your life. 

  1. Your Partner Is Quite Selfish

If your partner is selfish, first think about what selfish really means. Does your partner eat the last bar of your favourite chocolate? Or does your partner never share anything with you at all? There is a big difference between being selfish sometimes and being selfish all the time – you want to avoid selfish people at all times because, frankly, there are times you are probably selfish too!

  1. You Do Not Trust To Each Other

Trust is something that needs effort, and if you are dating someone who refuses to put effort and never shows any interest, it is not surprising you cannot trust each other. Lack of trust is something no one wants in their relationship. It is one of the most prominent warning signs of an unhealthy relationship. 

  1. Your Relationship Feels Dull

No wonder your relationship feels dull if you barely ever feel happy and all you keep on thinking about are the fights and bad words you had/heard from your partner. You are supposed to be happy, develop together and grow to be better, not the other way around. 

  1. Your Partner Does Not Appreciate You 

If you feel like your partner never appreciates anything you do and he/she never says anything nice to you unless they need something from you, that would mean your relationship is toxic and you should end it. Stop torturing yourself trying to make someone love you; instead, find someone who will do that without asking. 

How To Make Your Relationship Happy?

Having a happy relationship is the best thing in the world; however, it can be hard sometimes. But what you need to stay happy and not find yourself in an unhealthy relationship is to notice those signs as quickly as possible. And move from toxic relationships if you have such on your own. Remember that a healthy one can be built only if both partners genuinely appreciate each other and enjoy every moment of being together! So try to keep it that way by never taking any of it for granted, doing your best, and showing your effort by being curious, wanting, and willing. That is the best relationship advice there can be! 

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