Everything You Need to Know to Date a Highly Sensitive Person

Highly sensitive people are the most vulnerable. They acutely sense everything that happens to them and around them. They worry for a long time, and even for the most insignificant reasons. In this article, we will tell you how to succeed in dating a highly sensitive person.

What does it mean to be a highly sensitive person? We often come across this term, but we rarely can explain the meaning we put into it. It is a beautiful phrase that hides a not quite definite sense.

Do we know highly sensitive people? How does a vulnerable, sensitive person live today in our cruel and ruthless world, and how to build a strong relationship with your sensitive partner? Are you dating a highly sensitive person? You will find answers to all these questions in this article. Keep reading to find out more!

Dating a Highly Sensitive Person

Signs You’re Dating a Highly Sensitive Person

The main features of high sensitivity, vulnerability are an acute sensation, the experience of one’s own emotions, and a reaction to others. Such people quickly determine the mood of others, react to their feelings, and empathize. What is it like dating a highly sensitive person? High sensitivity can be expressed as follows:

  • Your partner cries while watching a drama, understanding that all this is acting but still not holding back the tears.
  • Your partner takes offense at the slightest criticism, begins to engage in self-flagellation.
  • Your HSP takes pity on everyone – from a neighbor’s grandmother to a homeless dog, whom she or he continually feeds.
  • Such a person catches the moods of close people and unfamiliar ones, at the same time, begins to ask what happened and offers any help.
  • It is usual for them to acutely experience breakups, suffering for months without trying to find a new partner.
  • These people are often not sure of themselves; believing that people look at them askance; they are always afraid of conflict situations.
  • They close in themselves, thinking that others are too “thick-skinned” to understand them. As a result, online dating for a highly sensitive person after studying the best dating sites reviews may be a good option.


Dating a Highly Sensitive Person

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Tips for Dating a Highly Sensitive Person

Excessive vulnerability can get in the way of a person. They often want to abstract from the people’s emotions around to become more “thick-skinned” so that no one can hurt them.

Psychologists advise using our 10 advice for dating a highly sensitive person.

1.) Be Attentive

In a relationship with such a person, you will never feel ignored or unnoticed. Even outwardly not particularly evident, any change in mood will bother your partner.

On the one hand, it is one of the benefits of dating a highly sensitive person; it helps identify problems and pronounce them before they promptly complicate everything. But on the other hand, it can be annoying because emotions and words are not always evaluated correctly.

It is often better to remain silent than to pay attention to every little thing and try to figure it out. Plus, incorrectly perceived information threatens, on the contrary, to destroy what was created based on mutual interest. After all, people with a delicate character are easily hurt by a frown and a casually thrown word.

2.) Choose Your Words

You cannot raise your voice at highly sensitive people; they do not tolerate loud and harsh sounds and any negative messages directed not only at them but also at those who are not indifferent to them. These people are afraid of criticism and discontent from others, so you need to be more loyal to them, and if you still need to criticize, then try to do it gently, without direct accusations.

3.) Help Your Partner Relieve Stress

Practice mutual techniques that allow you to relax, release tension, and, in general, find a sense of harmony within yourself and your partner.

If your partner is overly emotional, try to reduce the intensity of the feelings. For example, if you are angry and annoyed, go in for an active sport together. Boxing, running, and even swimming are great.

When your loved one is sad, anxious, and even mentally hurt, meditate together. After a hard day at work, use breathing techniques to relieve stress.

4.) Find Hobbies That You Both Enjoy

As you know, joint activities bring you closer, allow you to get to know your partner better, and tune in to a romantic mood. Plus, they will bring real pleasure to your highly sensitive partner. Choosing a shared hobby will delight your loved one and strengthen your bond.

5.) Encourage Your Highly Sensitive Partner

When a highly sensitive person goes through periods of doubt, delves into self-delusion, and self-flagellation, your task is to support them. Just be there, listen and hold your hand – that will be enough.

Dating a Highly Sensitive Person

6.) Praise Your HSP More Often

Don’t be afraid to cheer up your highly sensitive partner with compliments. Perhaps they tend to underestimate themselves, in which case the praise will not hurt them.

7.) Understand and Reassure

High anxiety can be exhausting for a highly sensitive person. Staying confident and relaxed in crises will help your partner calm down and look at difficulties from a different perspective.

8.) Initiate Communication

Representatives of this type, due to shyness and modesty, can find it difficult to make acquaintances. If you show the initiative for closeness, your partner will only be grateful to you! Use little romantic tricks to get closer.

9.) Don’t Be Obsessive

More often than others, people with high emotional sensitivity want to be alone. So be delicate, and give your partner this opportunity when necessary. After all, we all need personal space, and this type of person has a much higher need.

10.) Protect Your HSP’s Comfort

You already know that your partner may not like noisy companies of unfamiliar people, loud parties, and any events that upset their usual balance. It makes a highly emotional person feel very uncomfortable. Try to take these features into account when planning your leisure time together.


It is customary to represent a highly emotional person as a sad, depressed, and intimidated person. However, depression and fear are not characteristics of their personality type. Yes, under unfavorable conditions, such people are inclined to fall into melancholy, but this does not mean that they are always sad. But this type of character is generously endowed by nature with other valuable qualities, such as loyalty, sensitivity, and the ability to empathize and support. If your partner is such a person, you are very lucky. We hope that our little tips will help you two get closer and strengthen your relationship.

Do you have your secrets about dating a highly sensitive person? Please share your experience in the comments below.


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