5 Reasons Why You Should Value Your Life: Voice of Deepika

Value Your Life because Life is beautiful. You have listened to this line a thousand times before but have you ever felt the charm and warmth of this line? I am sure, “Yes, many times”.
Life gives you a thousand reasons to smile and go-ahead but if you don’t want to be happy, nobody can help you. These simple lines help you to understand this little thing “You only live once but if you do it right one is enough.” Mae West
Value Your Life

5 reasons why you should value your life

If you are searching for one reason that can give some meaning to your life or add some beauty to it, I am going to share 5 such reasons that can help you to value your life. 
*Because you need to love yourself the most
*Because you are here for a reason
*Because life is beautiful and you didn’t explore that amazing side yet
*Because you are not alone, you have some precious connections
*Because you are an example for those who are suffering from the same
1.Because you need to love yourself the most-
If you are not valuing your life because someone left you or cheated on you or some mishappening occurred, you are mistaken, my dear.
If someone left you then it is her or his loss, not yours because he or she is not worthy of you.
If someone cheated on you then he or she loses the most loving and trustworthy person of their life. Again loss is not yours. They lost you and you will gain a much more valuable person in your life for sure.
Remember always you are valuable, you are important for yourselves. Don’t give the right to anyone to decide your decisions and destiny. Nature knows your value. Whenever you feel, no one is there for you, simply go in the lap of nature. You will get your answer to value your life.
2. Because you are here for a reason-
Value your life because you are here for a reason. Whenever your senses force you to remind your weaknesses. Send them the secret message politely, ” I am here for a specific reason and I am looking for that reason,” and continue your journey. If I am failing in a particular part then the message is clear, this part does not belong to me. And then I will go for the next one. I am not in the hurry and I will never lose my peace of mind for reasons which are not in my control.
Repeat these words with me” I am on the journey for finding me or goal of my life.” So no regrets and no guilts for failures. I have prepared myself for all the challenges.
Value Your Life
3. Because life is beautiful and you haven’t explored that lovely side yet-
Just close your eyes and think about the most beautiful moments and memories of your life. I am sure most of the memories related to your adventures your holidays, and family trips where you were living to your fullest. 
This is the only part or one place which filled with you thrilling excitement. This is because nature has the healing power that refreshes your body and mind. Whenever you feel disinterested and demotivated, go into the greenery. Go for a long walk. Just sit on the grass, just listen to the sounds of birds chirping, just stare at the beauty of nature. You will feel contented and relaxed.
4.Because you are not alone & you have some precious connections-
You need to value your life because you are blessed with the quality to bloom as a unique individual. New life and new hopes are always associated with you. Always value and respect that power that nature gave you.
You are not alone. A variety of people surround you: they can be your family, they can be your friends, they can be work professionals. Sometimes they don’t show their love and concern or you can say that they forget to tell you, how much you are important to them. But in actuality, you are a part of their routine.
You can feel their concerns on some odd days. So always remember your responsibility for them. You are also living for them. Nourishing a different soul is itself a great deed that you are doing so always respect and value that.
5.Because you are an example for those who are fighting the same fight-
Always remember, you are setting an example for others you are looking at you. You are a role model for thousands of souls who are associated with you. You don’t realize but the energies and the vibes exchange.
Your positive attitude and fighting spirit give reason to others too to stand for the solutions to the problems. Like negativity spreads, positive energies also come with positive outputs so believe in you and be a hero of yourself.
To conclude, I would say that life is too precious to just let it go down the drain just because of a few things which didn’t work out well, a few people who left us and few dreams remained unfulfilled. There is always room for new things, only when you are willing to declutter and make space for new things. Dream another dream, set new goals. Value your life. You are complete in your way. So focus on the positive side of your life.
So what are you waiting for? Go for a ride and give me a beautiful smile and get ready for your upcoming tasks which are waiting for you.
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A passionate writer who loves to explore the creative world. You can find me spreading love and positivity on my Instagram Page or if you like listening to Hindi poetries, you can tune-in to my Podcast.

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