10 Incredibly Simple Secrets to a Happy Relationship

No one has ever said that they would enjoy an unhappy relationship. But that is what many people have, and many don’t know how to fix it. We have many fantastic secrets you will want to know to have a happy relationship in your life.

We all want to connect. We want someone who loves us, respects us, and gets us on a level that is hard to describe. That is why we do things like speed dating or looking up the best dating sites 2020 offers. We don’t want to be alone, adrift through our lives. It’s like sailing without a rutter.

The problem is, when we finally find that special someone, or who we convince ourselves to be that special someone, we want it to work so badly, we often sabotage ourselves with neurosis and insecurity. We are sick of hunting and want to have that love and attention we are craving. And we fool ourselves into believing we have found it, to end the search.

Happy Relationship

Finding Your Happy Relationship

If you are in a relationship but want it to be better, then you might need some happy relationship tips, and we have ten that we think will help you. A happy, healthy relationship is on your horizon. Reach out and grab it.

1.) Always be who you are

Be yourself. It’s something our parents told us as kids, and it applies to us as adults. The real you will come out eventually, so being open and honest about who you are is better sooner rather than later. Plus, putting on a façade is exhausting.

2.) Show your emotions

In the old days, women were to cry in private, and men weren’t to show emotion at all. Now, it is no longer frowned upon for you to show what you are feeling. Be honest about how you are, if you need space to be open about it, and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

3.) Be a positive light

Negativity is easy, and by extension, lazy. Many people fall into the trap of complaining without fixing the problem. On the other hand, positivity only takes a little bit of effort, and a positive person seeks solutions. Being positive and help your partner when they are sad or upset.

4.) It’s the thought

Showing how you care instead of just telling your partner how you care creates new and wonderful happy relationship feelings you will want to reciprocate. This is especially important during times when one or both of you are stressed.

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5.) Gimme some love

Showing how much you care is great, but showing love is fantastic. The feeling of being truly loved by another person fills you with such a constant feeling of joy; it can be hard to fathom. But be sure to show them love as well, and with the same or greater intensity.

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6.) Live separate lives

One of the happy relationship checklists is an odd one, but we will explain. We want companionship, but we also need space. Space to process, to not feel stifled, and to have our adventures. If you have different activities, you have more to talk about than if you do everything together.

7.) Mutual respect

Of all the happy relationship rules, this one is paramount. Respect is crucial in every relationship, but it is even more so in a bond between two companions. It is right up there with trust, and if you ruin the respect, it can be tough to get it back.


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8.) Toss your baggage

Self-confidence is a problem for many of us, and in a relationship, it can evolve into jealousy. We measure ourselves against everyone, and the lower we feel, the more the thought of our partner straying comes into our heads. When you feel jealousy coming on, address it. Bottling up is a bad policy. It helps no one.

9.) Acceptance is key

In the happy relationship guide, does it say to change the other person? Of course not. People only change if they want to, and you cannot change them. So, don’t try. Accept your partner for who they are. You can either embrace it or move on.

10.) Memory in the making

The past is the past, but so are your memories. So, celebrate them. Laugh about the good ones and applaud how you grew from the bad ones. On a rough day, a memory album from a fun trip or of your wedding can be just the thing you need to snap back to a positive place. 


It is all in reach. But never settle, be patient, and know yourself. Honesty, trust, and respect are the foundation. Love, communication, and compassion are the bricks. Happiness is the roof. Build your house, and it will keep the toxicity of the world away from your happy relationship. Do you have any advice for anyone struggling to find their loving partnership? Do share.

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Sherry is a consultant and has been involved in many successful projects with a range of companies throughout the country. She enjoys researching, discussing, and writing on the topics of relationships, wellness, and lifestyle.

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