Thousands of Reasons To Stay Alive, All You Need Is ONE

If you are someone searching for reasons to stay alive, let me share 50 reasons for you to hold on. I agree it is tough. I know how hard it must for you or else you would have not ended up reading this blog.

Since you have stopped by my post, I will make sure I try to give you enough reasons to hold on for a little longer. When we talk or think about ending our life, it is not our life we are tired of, we are tired of our existence, the never-ending problems, pain, and the suffering attached with our life.

And I believe anyone of us, who thinks of ending his/her life must have gone through the same thought process of ending his life a hundred times before actually doing it. Do you think it is easy? Taking own life? It is not, and sometimes all words fail to soothe or ease the person.

Due to the lack of awareness, we even lack the usage of proper language while talking to someone in such a condition. We can’t ask them to look at the brighter side, because they might have tried it all, we cant ask them to stay positive, but we can be there for them and get them help when the situation starts worsening. Meanwhile, for the ones who still want to give their life a chance but wonder WHY, here a few reasons to live your life and hold on to your dreams:

reasons to stay alive

50 Reasons To Stay Alive

Most of the time, when I talk to people who are depressed or going through some bad phase of life, I quite often hear them say that they have nothing to look forward to, no one loves them, and they simply want all this to end. We as humans have the habit of amplifying our negative notions and before being thankful for what we have we automatically divert our focus to what we don’t have but badly need it. This is a kind of natural phenomenon that results in a fight, flight, or freeze response. Here a few reasons to stay alive if you really are looking for one:

Sharing a few seeds of hope that could help you de-amplify your thoughts:

1.) To able to see your parents

2.) To be able to be there for your best friend when they need you the most

3.) To be able to listen to your favourite music all and all again. Like I listen to Coldplay.

4.) To have your own children or may be adopt one

5.) To eat a lot of food you haven’t tasted yet

6.) To explore and experience new places, mountains, beaches.

7.) To read a new and life-changing book

8.) Or, may be a write a book of your own

9.) To get yourself a tattoo, I have a Unalome tattoo

10.) To be able to meet your virtual friends someday

11.) To find someone who will love you like you want to be loved

12.) To meet someone who will kiss you the way you dreamt of

13.) To be with someone who is waiting to be with someone like you

14.) To ride bicycle early in the morning

15.) To get a haircut or color it as you wish

16.) To see the untouched snow in the morning

17.) To experience the beautiful sunset from your terrace

18.) To enjoy a cup of guilt-free chocolate shake

19.) To travel to different places and meet new people from different cultures

20.) To learn a new language

21.) To have that blueberry cheesecake one more time

22.) To watch “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” again

23.) To be able to say “I love you” again but to yourself this time

24.) To be able to vent out and cry it out loud

25.) To be able to make your children laugh with joy

26.) To be able to forgive your younger self

27.) To be there to hold a new born in your hands for the first-time

28.) How about trying trekking?

29.) How about preparing for the Mt.Everest basecamp? No, I am not kidding

30.) How about singing your favourite song at the top of your voice

31.) Or, may be saying swear words and release yourself

32.) How about setting and completing an another milestone?

33.) To be there to smell every time before it rains

34.) To the dreams that give you a run

35.) To the feeling you get when you are dancing like no body is watching you

36.) To the rush you get when you set the stage on fire

37.) To be able to forgive

38.) To be able to let go of the pain and person attached to it

39.) To be able to come home every time and see your family waiting for you

40.) To be able to be there for you unborn child

41.) To be able to feel the love, passion and the feel of someone’s skin against yours

42.) To be able to receive compliments and praises for your work

43.) To be able to sing for your friends and watch movies with them

44.) To be able to sleep a little more every morning

45.) To be able to complain about everything around us

46.) To be able to unwind and release the baggage

47.) To be able to allow yourself to make mistakes

48.) To set yourself free from the burden, guilt, past and things not in your control

49.) To be someone’s survivor guide someday

50.) To be able to share your story to inspire someone, someday

While there are thousands of reasons to stay alive and live your life the way you want to, sometimes there is one reason enough to end it, and that is the point where we need to work. If we are able to save ourselves from giving up at that moment, we might save others someday. It is hard, beyond our imagination but if you can help yourself in that single moment, it will a lifetime-worthy thing to do.

Because the one who goes through it, knows it all and he/she can give you enough reasons to stay alive even if it sounds silly, inappropriate, irrational at that time but it is worth trying. Take care, be mindful and be aware.

Love and light


reasons to stay alive

Priyanka Nair is the author of 26 Days 26 Ways for a Happier you and Ardhaviram. An NLP practitioner and Founder of Sanity Daily, helping you prioritize your mental health. Let’s build a happy community.

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