Carved by Fire by Akshaya Saraf- Book Review

Title: Carved by Fire
Author: Akshaya Saraf
Publisher: White Falcon Publishing
Publication Date: 22 Dec. 2021
Pages: 250 pages
Rating: 4.5/5
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Synopsis of Carved by Fire

I recently stumbled upon “Carved by Fire” written by Akshaya Saraf. I am an avid fan of inspirational and motivational books, these kinds of stories bring hope and let you believe that there is a light towards the end of the tunnel. The book “Carved by Fire” is about finding hope in the darkness and celebrating life. The author has made maximum use of the freedom of expression and has been very honest in her writing.

Carved By Fire’ is an autobiographical fiction by Akshaya Saraf. Her writing is transparent and backed with real-life experiences, easily relatable to the readers. In her book “Carved by Fire” the author aims to instill hope in the readers. She shares anecdotes from her life, her childhood incidents, memories, and challenges that helped her shape into the person she is today.

About the Author:

Akshaya Saraf is a witty young woman from India who studied Industrial Engineering in America and has an honest sense of humour. She lived through an incredible story of changing family traditions, health struggles, finding her feet in the patriarchal mining industry, and keeping hope in difficult circumstances on the backdrop of her family’s memorable story.

Carved by Fire

Carved by Fire – Book Review:

Let everything happen to you, beauty and terror. Just keep going, no feeling is final -Rainer Maria Rilke

The author brilliantly follows this quote throughout her book. There are numerous literary work I have read and reviewed before, books that talk about life, inspiration, lessons, and learnings. But there are very few written words about the aftermath, that too coming from a young mind is quite rare.

Carved by Fire by Akshaya Saraf is a story of a girl who takes you on an emotional ride, her struggle with her mother’s health is heart-warming. She introduces you to the important characters in her life and shares her learning from each chapter of her life. How she overcomes each stage of fear, each trauma, and evolves as a person. You will resonate with her verses in many places and feel like this has happened to you as well.

The brilliant cover is the first that catches your attention. The writing is easy and immersive. The author weaves her life events into the narrative seamlessly. The language is simple and easy to understand. You will also find references from the very famous “Harry Potter” and “Game of Thrones”, whether you are a millennial or gen Z, I am sure you know the characters well.

Sometimes we are forced to live with the consequences of our own decisions and those of others. And, sometimes we get up and take every step to turn our scars into stars, and that’s how “Carved by Fire” the title is totally apt as she was carved by fire just like a phoenix rises from its ashes.

I loved how the author used imagery, and quotes and stayed real throughout her writing. There couldn’t be a better ending to the book. The kind of ending that prompts you to dig deeper and introspect. I loved reading the book and cannot recommend it enough.

Favorite lines from the book:

When you share your story, you share your substance

Choose the battles you want to fight, and choose wisely

This is the wonder and mystery of human life. Everything you thought would destroy you was exactly the experience you needed to set your wings to fly

We won’t let go of what holds us back unless we have no other choice

Each interaction with a negative person can give you something you don’t like about them, but it’s up to you to carry it through your life or just let it go

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