10 Reasons Why The UK Loves Autumn So Much

Winter is coming, and why the UK loves autumn? With summer officially coming to an end this week, we can wave goodbye to the warm backyard barbecues, longer days, and light evenings. Instead, as cooler temperatures draw in, we can shed a tear for those fading tan lines and start looking forward to autumn.

Whether it’s oversized sweaters, complicated coffee orders, cosy nights in by the fire, a love for layering or Halloween, there are plenty of autumn delights to get excited about. But what is it about and why the UK loves autumn the most?

VonHaus spoke to Angie Chalmers, a meditation teacher from Stratford School of Meditation, about if there is a deeper reason why we look forward to Autumn.

“We look forward to Autumn so much because it gives us permission to slow down a bit. Thick cosy jumpers, boots, pumpkin spice latte, candles and throws, Autumn provides us with the opportunity to enjoy a Danish way of living known as Hygge.

“‘Hygge’ is all about slowing down, enjoying the little things and moments in life – it is a form of self-care and encourages us to be physically and mentally present. This leads to an increased sense of self-esteem, and a clearer, more balanced, and positive headspace”

why the UK loves autumn

Here are the top 10 reasons identifying why the UK loves autumn:

VonHaus has conducted research into the UK’s top reasons for loving the autumn season so much. 

  • Halloween
  • Sweater weather
  • Cosy nights in
  • Pumpkin everything
  • Autumn colours
  • Comfort food
  • Hot chocolate
  • Cooler weather
  • Firepits
  • The countdown to Christmas

Research showed that sweater weather, Halloween, cosy nights in and comfort food were amongst the top reasons Brits look forward to autumn. Louise Whysall from VonHaus says “ With the darker nights closing in, we can all look forward to cosy nights filled with comfort food and Halloween films!


Research revealed that the UK has a soft spot for the spooky season, with Halloween topping the list of reasons why Brits love autumn. The search data supports this, showing that Brits like to start planning for Halloween early, with related searches like “Halloween costumes” (+400%) and “Halloween decorations” (+350%) seeing huge increases in popularity since the beginning of August this year.  

Sweater weather

Our research also revealed that the UK prefer cosy knits to t-shirts and shorts, with autumn clothes being the second most important reason we love autumn. Whether it’s layering our favourite chunky jumpers, pulling on the boots, or accessorising with bobble hats, Brits can’t wait to swap out the shorts. In fact, as we approach October, autumn clothing searches such as “knitwear” (+177%) and “how to layer” (+33%) have seen huge increases in the last month.

Cosy nights in

Also just making it into the top three reasons why we look forward to autumn is “cosy nights in”. After all, nothing says autumn like being snuggled up on the sofa with blankets, cuddles and a warm drink. Related searches have seen significant increases since the beginning of August, including “blankets” (+80%) and “candles” (+128).

“Whether you like to huddle under a heated blanket or are always found with a hot drink in hand, it’s great to embrace the cosiness and peacefulness that Autumn brings…until the Christmas preparations kick in!” So, yes now you know why the UK loves autumn the most.

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