3 Effective Ways To Enhance Your Self-Confidence

If knowledge is the way to success, confidence is the inner strength that helps you to move ahead. We all have our own fears but have you ever thought about how you can work on the ways to enhance your self-confidence and stay self-motivated?

Motivation is the biggest key factor to keep anyone going, and sometimes we need a constant push to follow our dreams and passion. Some individuals find it hard to perform mundane looking tasks like- daily meetings, tasks and presentations when they lack confidence and self-belief.

In this blog, I am going to talk about a few very basic and effective ways to enhance your self-confidence. Why enhance? Why not build? Because I believe we already have what we need, we already have everything inside us, we just need to get acquainted with it.

You can also have a look at the latest conversation, I had with Swati Mathur, who is an Image Consultant and a Life coach. She has shared some really helpful tips.

3 Effective Ways To Enhance Your Self-Confidence

What is self-confidence, to begin with? Maybe it’s a state where you feel most powerful or sure about yourself, or maybe it’s a trait that helps you to trust your ability and inner strength. In both cases, I feel we have a scope of enhancing it, don’t we?

We all have some fears, we all literally goof up so many things, we fail, we terribly screw things up but we also succeed in a few things, we accomplish small goals we set for ourselves. Do you know what happens here? We stop appreciating ourselves, we never pay attention to our little success while we focus on the biggest wins.

I believe any accomplishment is an achievement, any progress is progress, we just need to learn to own it and embrace it. Taking that first step is always difficult, I very well agree, but unless and until we take that step how will we gauge our capacity to move ahead?

So to help you overcome your mind battles, here are a few ways to enhance your self-confidence and preserve your mental well-being.

Ways To Enhance Your Self-Confidence

1.) Change the way you LOOK at yourself

The first of the three ways to enhance your self-confidence is to change the way you look at yourself. We look at ourselves from the imprints of how others see us. How we must be seen, or how we want to be seen. But in this whole process, you never pay attention to the real you. I am sure we all have our own distinct qualities and personality traits.

We need to observe our goodness or weakness from our point of view and not how others make us believe a few things about us. We know more about ourselves than others, isn’t it? This is how it should be and once you start owning yourself, no one will be able to gaslight or manipulate your own thoughts against you. This will boost your self-confidence like anything.

2.) Change the way you TALK to yourself

The second one of the three ways to enhance your self-confidence is to change the way you talk to yourself. We often criticise ourselves, question our decisions, and indulge in negative conversations with our minds. This kind of prolonged behaviour hampers our ability to think clearly and define a version of ourselves.

The human mind is programmed in a manner such that it sees the negative side first, and abandon all the positive possibilities. If we start adopting this simple practise of slowly replacing all the negative self-talk with positive ones, we might start observing a shift in our mindset. This way we will program our minds to be more productive and fruitful.

3.) Change the way you TREAT yourself

One of the most essential ways to enhance your self-confidence is to change the way you treat yourself. How do you treat your loved one? How far do you go to make them feel loved and cared for? Do you ever share the same love and empathy with your inner-self? Do you ever forgive yourself for making wrong decisions, picking up the wrong people in your life? No, you keep on harming yourself.

You punish yourself, please change the way you treat yourself and your whole outer world will radiate with your inner spark. You can preserve a lot of good mental health when you start treating yourself with some self-love. It will only prepare you for the future.

To conclude, I would say that confidence plays a vital role in our personal and professional life. The moment we gain the courage to withstand the things we believe in, our world transforms. And, no one will give you this power, you will have to go and grab it. You have to do it daily and this time only for YOU.

Love and light


Ways To Enhance Your Self-Confidence

Priyanka is a published author of 26 Days 26 Ways for a Happier youArdhaviram and Broken & Beautiful. An NLP practitioner and Founder of Sanity Daily, helping you prioritize your mental health. Let’s build a happy community.

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  1. Very well written Priyanka. People need to come out of their self limiting belief if they really want to know what are they actually capable of. Thanks for sharing my views on this dear. Means a lot.

  2. My favorite blogger. I always feel connected to Swati’s thoughts. Talking about self-confidence, then mind battles are the first culprits. If we can control them then I think, we are already on the right track.

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