Sanity guide for single mums by a single mum – Theme Reveal

Presenting you my sanity guide for single mums- a theme reveal post for the BlogchatterA2Z campaign. Beginning of a month-long writing challenge that keeps us pumped up throughout the month. I participated in this writing challenge back in 2018 and now I am happily participating again this year. Through this challenge, I was able to publish my very first ebook “26 Days and 26 Ways for a Happier You“, the name was reviewed by one of my amazing friends Anupriya Gupta, who I know through Blogchatter.

I have made many quality friends through this platform and I am still connected with almost everyone, we were able to build a closely connected writing community due to this writing series and it has always tempted me to go back and meet new friends, discover new writing talents through the Blogchatter A2Z challenge.

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Blogchatter Theme – Sanity Guide for Single Mums

I have been closely working to raise mental health awareness and sensitise people around us. It has been glorious 6 years of blogging, I started with “Virtual Siyahi” in December 2016- my open diary blog and came up with “Sanity Daily” my mental health portal in August 2019. It has been an interesting and liberating journey so far and I haven’t stopped writing come what may. This is how writing became my biggest coping mechanism.

I am a single mother to a 9-year-old daughter and I know it is not an easy road, no matter how much we try to make things work, life always has some different plans for us and we are never fully prepared to face the adversities. Through my real-life experiences and learning, I want to be a safe space for many mothers out there who just want to be heard and find a way forward in life.

My life has never been easy just like many of you reading this blog post right now. I have faced a terminal illness, went through a heart-wrenching divorce process, and moved to a different country with my child alone to restart my life and give her everything I could. Even right now I am just done dealing with Diplopia and Ptosis, severe eye nerve paralysis and was dealing with a lot of emotional stress. I always remind myself, it could have been worse and take one day and one goal at a time and just try to do my best.

As a single mum myself, I understand the challenges and struggles that come with raising children on your own. In this series, I will be sharing my personal experiences, insights and tips to help fellow single mums navigate through their daily lives and maintain their sanity.

From practical advice on managing time, to self-care tips for mental and emotional well-being, this series will cover a wide range of topics relevant to single mothers. Join me on this journey as we support each other and learn to thrive in the midst of the challenges we face.

Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for regular updates and exclusive content. Let’s work together to create a community of empowered and resilient single mums!

Love and light


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