What is Your Missing Tile? The Missing Tile Syndrome

Do you have a missing tile to fix? If you sit and reflect for a while, you will realise that all our lives, we are rushing to reach somewhere, and be with someone. Whereas nobody is actually waiting for us, there is no place we need to be and there is no one incomplete without us and yet we try to find and fix that Missing Tile.

It’s the same with everyone, some feel we are that missing tile for them but we want something else or someone else to fill that emptiness for ourselves. Honestly, we never are able to complete this jigsaw puzzle called life. As humans, we are on a constant lookout for something we don’t have. We always focus on what’s missing in our life more than what we already have, some might even hate being positive but in the race of fixing the missing tiles, we fail to appreciate the tiles which are holding us uptight.


The Missing Tile Syndrome

A bald person will observe people with voluminous hair, a short person will focus on the tall person, if you are slightly overweight you will look at someone with a perfect lean physique and if you have a dark complexion you will long for fairer skin. To conclude, no one is happy with a ceiling filled with 99 tiles and has their focus on just ONE missing tile in their life.

I will give you a scenario, you are tall and fair in complexion, and you are single. Now, imagine yourself in a room where everyone has a close friend or a partner, whereas you are sitting alone with your cup of coffee and looking at them and feeling sad about yourself. Whereas someone behind you might be thinking about your height or admiring your skin color.

It is not that we deliberately compare all the time, but since we are surrounded by people all the time and those are the exact people who either lift our spirits or completely break them, we try to fit in. Fitting in comes with a cost, a cost of overcoming your own inhibitions, accepting and embracing yourself first and then walking with your head held high in the crowd.

We all have one missing tile to fix in our lives, but while we keep our focus fixed on that one missing tile, sometimes we lose grip of the other strong and beautiful tiles surrounding it. We all have something in us, identify your core strength, and your superpower, work on it, refine it and become your best version, and do it every single day.

You don’t have to compete or compare your shortcomings with others, don’t let your insecurity stop you to explore your personality. Rather take your insecurities in your stride and deal with them. People want to transform their lives, but there is no single sure-shot mantra for transformation, it is an ongoing process. As you start to explore and learn about yourself, you realise what is needed to be done, and reaching that point of self-awareness is like half the battle won.

The Missing Tile Syndrome is a barrier to happiness. There will always be something missing in your life. When you see other couples, you feel sad about being lonely. When you will see people’s kids, you’ll think why can’t you have children? The same holds true regarding our financial status, our work, and our looks. The list is endless.

We somehow play tricks on ourselves and undermine our happiness; by concentrating on the missing tiles every one of us has. So what is your missing tile? And, what do you choose to do with it? Focus on the rest of the ceiling with tiles, or focus on the ones we’re missing? As this choice will determine how happy you
will be with your present self.

love and light,


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  1. So true!
    It’s hard to let go of that missing tile though. Isn’t it strange that we focus on that one thing (or fewer things) which we don’t have rather than feeling grateful for numerous others present in our lives 🙂

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