Here Are A Few Life Lessons Worth Keeping Post-Pandemic

Life is full of many transitions. True enough, we made countless shifts here and there brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, and as the vaccines are being rolled out in pursuit of a virus-free environment, what have been some of the most valuable lessons we learned throughout the course of the global health crisis that we should keep?

In this post, I am talking going to talk about a few life lessons worth keeping post-pandemic. So, here are 6 straightforward life lessons that should still be in your bag even after the virus ceasefires:

6 Life Lessons Worth Keeping Post-Pandemic

COVID-19 has taught us many things, many of us have seen the worse. But it was humanity that went for a complete loss besides the global economy. I hope these lessons echo your thoughts.

Life Lessons Worth Keeping Post-Pandemic
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1.) Happiness is a mindset

In the gruelling times of the pandemic, most of us had a hard time finding happiness in the conduct of our transformed lives especially when happiness meant living the best version of ourselves in the outside world. It is twice as hard when we had set a price tag for it like a new designer bag, a countryside trip with friends, or a party we waited nights for. The truth is that happiness is a mindset. It comes from within ourselves and not from external and superficial things and circumstances.

Quarantining at home may be far from our ideal living conditions and keeps us off our extensive list of wants but through time we learned the discipline to make the most out of what we have and willingly defer the things that can patiently wait. If we can keep ourselves grounded with this attitude even after the pandemic, we can embrace life with a newer perspective and mentally condition ourselves to be happy under all outward and underlying circumstances. And, this is one of the basic life lessons worth keeping post-pandemic.

2.) Absence makes the heart grow fonder

It was certainly heartbreaking having to keep a distance from our friends and family in light of the risks of contagion — most importantly when your predominant languages of love involve physical touch and acts of service. Post-pandemic, we already learned how to interplay not only these but all the other love languages: giving or receiving gifts, quality time, and words of affirmation to optimize our expression of affection. We, then, can already make up for our loved ones for the time we both missed and passed so to rebuild shared memories together again. 

3.) The greatest challenge is time

Through social media, we realized how quick life events can turn out to be. Family members grieving over loved ones who passed due to untriumphant COVID-19 battles. We learned how life can be taken away from us in a blink of an eye. Post-pandemic, we all should value time for others equally as our time for ourselves. Do everything while you may, while you can, and while you have the gift of time.

4.) Recognition is a form of gratitude

Essential workers who brave the risks to themselves just to serve have proven to be the current heroes of today’s times. The public manifested their appreciation by making signboards, participating in hashtags on social media, and even paying it forward by helping others in the form of soup kitchens or free meals. Others gave generous tips and extended many thank yous. It would be best to keep this trait alive even after the pandemic.

Also, it is not only those at the frontlines who we should recognize but also everyone who tries strives, and continues even if the times are tough and challenging. Recognitions increase personal morale, self-esteem, and motivation. Those things are what can push others, as well as ourselves, to their core, to do more, and go beyond. If we can light others’ paths in this way, we are forging a world where nothing is impossible.

5.) We can live with lesser stuff

Many of us found a love for decluttering. Time spent quarantining became worthwhile from putting away and donating things that might be more valuable and useful for others. It was one of the best life lessons worth keeping post-pandemic that we have learned to scale down purchases and store fewer things inside our homes.

Living with the minimalist principles gave us more freedom and this lifestyle is definitely worth keeping post-pandemic. Not only does this free up house space but also time, money, and resources. Living with less stuff still makes one feel complete and allows us to focus more on those that matter most — self-love and our relationships.

6.) Health is a true priority

Transitioning to post-pandemic life, we should also retain our self-care healthy habits. Shared social media posts inspired many to shift into a healthier lifestyle and transform their homes into their personal gyms. Online workouts, virtual meditations, and other remote physical activities to entertain oneself did not have a hard time penetrating the new normal life scheme.

One of the most important life lessons worth keeping post-pandemic, health is wealth. Value of health has been given emphasis during the pandemic since it was also campaigned by multiple health offices. Consequently, people followed through by submitting themselves to social distancing rules, hand hygiene practices, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Such practices led to giving oneself the needed peace of mind in these trying times of uncertainty.


About the Author:

Bash Sarmiento is a writer and an educator from Manila. He writes laconic pieces in the education, lifestyle and health realms. His academic background and extensive experience in teaching, textbook evaluation, business management and travelling are translated in his works.

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