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Back in 2019, I started with an initiative named “Humanity ki Chain” as a mental health conversation starter. Besides writing blogs, I wanted to work more towards enabling conversations around mental illnesses and I thought of coming up with a video series on my YouTube Channel – Rebel Poet.

I started reaching out to people from different walks of life, I specifically chose people who are already working in the field of mental health services or someone who has a story to share. The aim of this initiative was to enable others to talk about their feelings, to let them know they are not alone, to spread mental health awareness, break the stigma surrounding it, seek timely help and over the period of few months, I was able to record 17 episodes for season 1 of Humanity Ki Chain.

Last year, went on processing COVID-19 and, I made sure to create a lot of blog posts related to Covid support. With the rising mental health concerns, deteriorating mental wellness, it is very important that we talk about it and understand that there is no shame to own any feelings, and seeking help for your mind is equally essential like you do for your body.

That’s how we balance our mind, body and soul. That’s how we accept and acknowledge things around us, sometimes beyond our control but most of the time workable.

In my first season of “Humanity ki Chain”, the format of the videos was such that, I would place the recordings I use to receive from my guest and put them on my youtube channel. Since COVID-19 bought our life online, we learnt to survive on the internet and became a little more tech-savvy, so I am trying to make it more interesting this time with a new format, making it more interactive and effective.

humanity ki chain
Humanity Ki Chain

Humanity Ki Chain Season 2

During the past few months, I have been working hard to bring out the best content and best people to contribute their VOICES at my blog and now I am coming with the second season of Humanity Ki Chain, I am planning to make it 10 episodes series. Let’s see.

I have already begun interviewing guest speakers. And you can expect more insights and fresh perspectives from people coming out from different areas of life with their expertise. Some are mental health professors, neuro-linguistic programming coaches, life skill coaches, entrepreneurs and authors.

With every interview and interaction, I personally learn so much from them. In my first season, I interacted with amazing speakers. I learned about fibromyalgia from Pooja Priyamavada. Speakers like Arjun Gupta, Psychologist – Swati Bajpai, Vedica Saxena talked about seeking timely help. Vayjyanti Phugalia talked about practising Sakshi bhaav.

Each and every guest speaker contributed with their helpful insights. This year also, I will try to make it a very useful resource to anyone who wants to understand the different languages used in mental health conversations. Understand the sensitivity surrounding it and also realise there is no shame in having any disorders but yes seeking timely help is very much important.

With this, I announce the beginning of the second season of Humanity ki Chain, I am pretty much excited about it and want to give my best to my audience and subscribers.

In case, you have not subscribed to my channel Rebel Poet yet, you can do it right away. I will begin the series in the coming weeks. So, if you have any suggestions, feedback for the same, you are most welcome.

If you are a mental health professional or have worked in the mental health sphere, written books on mental health or have a story to share, then you may contact me at priyanka@sanitydaily.com

Love and light


humanity ki chain

Priyanka Nair is the author of 26 Days 26 Ways for a Happier you and Ardhaviram. An NLP practitioner and Founder of Sanity Daily, helping you prioritize your mental health. Let’s build a happy community.

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  1. With the kind of lifestyle we are heading, we will need more and more mental health warriors. You have been doing exceptionally well. Keep doing the good things. I have a friend who is also contributing for the same cause. I will be happy to share your details with her. I have already subscribed your channel. I am more than happy to contribute in any way I can. Best wishes for season-2.

  2. All the best Priyanka. I am sure this will be excellent too, as always. And no…I havent been to your youtube channel yet but will surely do that soon.

  3. With likes of unfortunate events in mainstream Bollywood, It’s high time people start taking these issues seriously. Will surely checkout your YouTube channel.

  4. We need more and more persons to talk about mental well-being. You’re doing really a wonderful job. People still can’t accept the fact that talking about mental health is same important as talking about physical well-being. Persons like you may increase the awareness and keep people happy. I know how much painful is it when persons you love are not well mentally and emotionally. They need the tremendous support from their family and friends at the same time. Waiting for your sessions and yes will join for sure.

  5. I have subscribed to your channel and I’ll check out the existing videos soon. Mental health is not talked about much or even outright dismissed as hokum. I’m glad you’re speaking out decisively.

  6. I love seeing your videos and listening to your podcasts. Your voice is very calming. I will surely watch the series too. You are doing great work, Beta. God bless you.

  7. Best of luck in your endeavour! In these difficult times you have come up with such a noble effort to help people out. Mental health is very much important as physical health. I will be subscribing! Waiting for your episodes.

  8. My best wishes for season 2 Priyanka. Looking forward to meet some amazing guests and personalities through your initiative.

  9. I loved the first season, Priyanka. And am equally looking forward to the second season. The name is perfect, Humanity ki Chain. You are indeed an inspiration.

  10. Mental health was so underrated but with the pandemic, everyone became aware about how important it is and with bloggers like you who work towards helping it’s definitely taking a turn towards good Priyanka. Will definitely check your YouTube channel.

  11. We the lifestyle we are leading now me, mental health has been a major issue and concern altogether
    It is important to bring awareness amongst people and indeed you are doing a great job. Loved your chain of humanity.

  12. I love reading your detailed blogs. I appreciate all the efforts that you have put in. Best of luck. Keep writing and keep sharing. always looking forward to your blogs

  13. Congratulations on initiating Season 2 of your popular YouTube series. This subject is always timely, but more so now. I’m not a mental health expert by a long shot but I never shy away from sharing from my own experiences, so if you ever feel like inviting me as a guest, you know I’ll be ready!

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