7 Resilience Building Tips Every Woman Should Follow

7 Resilience Building Tips Every Woman Should Follow

How to build resilience as a woman and take charge of your life. Resilience in simple terms is bouncing back from the difficult experiences of life. We all need a strong coping mechanism against the daily intricacies of life. Women often feel restless and helpless under various circumstances. Sometimes quick-fixes solutions just don’t work, we need to build a strong resilience that can help us to think clearly in any situation. In this blog, I will share a few things I learned about building resilience in women. [the_ad id=”648″] How to build resilience as a woman

How to build resilience as a woman?

It is said that when life throws lemons, make lemonade. But does anyone tells you the exact recipe to make that lemonade? That’s where resilience helps us cope with whatever life will throw at us because trust me it can throw a lot. How to build resilience as a woman? By making them aware of what they already have, resilience is a quality we all possess but most of the time we need a push to break the concept of limitations and be more aware of ourselves. We as married women can take charge of our lives by being resilient. We as single moms can stay positive while raising our child independently. We just need to stay away from those voices which make us feel inferior, make us doubt ourselves, make us feel worthless.  [the_ad id=”648″]

Importance of building resilience

Why am I talking about building resilience in women? Why is it so important to take command over your life? With the growing mental illness in our society and very little awareness about nurturing mental health right from our early childhood. Many women suffer in silence and they always look out for support.  Resilience is a tool that could help us get through tough times. It is an ongoing journey to build mental toughness and discover the courage to withstand things you believe in. The key is to identify what works for you and when we need to apply it to save ourselves some sanity and gain strength when times call. 
take charge as woman

Five reasons it is important for a woman to be resilient

  • To strike an emotional balance 
  • To have a sense of purpose 
  • To not lose your identity as an individual
  • To be able to bounce back from difficult situations
  • To be life-ready

7 Resilience Building Tips Every Woman Should Follow

Now when you know the importance of building resilience in women, let us move on to know HOW? My own set of resilience has come from my personal experiences and I realized I need to have grit and courage to move on, carry on, and just go on with life. It also helped me to define certain boundaries. As I already said that life has a lot to throw and we sometimes fail to take it, which is natural so do not stress or doubt your capability, but by bringing few practical steps into our daily practice we can surely help ourselves. So, how to build resilience as a woman? 7 tips here:
1.) Find a purpose
2.) Mindfulness
3.) Self-awareness
4.) Self-compassion
5.) Be self-reliant
6.) Gratitude
7.) Daily Journal
How to build resilience as a woman [the_ad id=”648″] 1.) Find a purpose How to build resilience as a woman? Find a purpose, a sense of purpose helps you add value to your journey called life. When you have a sense of purpose for you to wake up daily, you automatically derive strength and motivation to keep going. It could be your passion or your profession which can add purpose to your life, once you identify it, stick to it. Psychologists have found repeatedly that people with a strong sense of purpose experience more resilience, a stronger sense of well-being, and even better cognitive functioning. 2.) Mindfulness Mindfulness is a psychological and spiritual practice and a basic human ability to bring awareness to itself. Be in the moment and focus on what is going inside the mind and not stress over things that you cannot control. When you practice mindfulness, it helps you to push away those negative thoughts that awaken our inner demons and push us towards the deep well of procrastination, overthinking, fear, and anxiety rather helps us build resilience to overcome them. 3.) Self-awareness How to build resilience as a woman? By being aware of ourselves. Knowing our feelings, owning them. With self-awareness, we label our emotions accurately and are able to get to the root cause of our problems.  Our emotions are usually based on the reactions and the more we connect to ourselves, know ourselves, act accordingly, and take more accurate steps. 4.) Self-compassion We all face challenges in our life but not all challenges are meant to destroy us. Some challenges are meaningful and help us discover our true potential to overcome them. But in the process we should never be harsh on ourselves, how we respond to our own stress and challenges is also important, we should allow ourselves to make mistakes, to learn from them, and when we are compassionate we make room for more acceptance. building resilience in woman 5.) Be self-reliant How to build resilience as a woman? By being self-reliant. Being able to be resourceful and self-reliant are key traits of resilient people. Being self-reliant means that you are able to follow your gut process, take decisions based on your experiences, and try to find solutions to your problems on your own. 6.) Gratitude Gratitude is one strong key point to build resilience in women. As a woman, I know how I look out for a motive to start a day and look ahead with a bright mindset to carry on. The study reveals that making a habit of practicing gratitude helps in focusing on and appreciating the positive aspects of life on resilience and well-being. Practicing gratitude changed my perception towards life and it has helped me build very strong resilience which I carry throughout my day.  7.) Daily Journal Some people prefer writing down how they feel, to gauge their emotional journey. I call it mindful journaling, a process when you are in the moment with your thoughts and going with the flow. While you pen down all your emotions it clear your conscience and you feel more confident about yourself. It also helps you to track your mood and understand yourself better. To conclude, I would say that life will never be easy and also nothing is permanent, the only thing I have learned is that change is the only constant thing in our lives. All we need to do is be ready with some coping mechanisms to deal with all the uncertain and unwarranted situations. What else could be more helpful than being resilient and being life-ready?  It will not only help you develop your confidence in your decision-making ability to solve problems but also help you trust your instincts. Lots of love and gratitude

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