12 Kickass Health and Fitness Tips Every Women Should Follow

Health and fitness tips for women like you, because taking care of yourself doesn’t top your priority list.

The fact that you cannot pour from an empty cup is always forgotten.

I have seen my mom always on her toes, an unknown rush, hurry to complete daily tasks, and as mundane as at may look but the task of utmost importance to her. A woman takes care of the entire family and if she is a working professional or an entrepreneur then she has to strike a perfect work-life balance.

Like a plant needs water, soil, and sunlight to bloom from where it is planted. A woman too needs a little self-care and personal time to rejuvenate, which will only help her to regain her lost space in the daily hustles of life.

Health and Fitness Tips for Women

Practicing self-care is mostly considered as being selfish. Have you ever heard a woman saying, that I need a day off? They work 24*7 like unpaid caregivers and they simply whittle themselves in order to keep everything in order and everyone happy.

Right from taking care of her in-laws living with her to meeting all the work-place demands, she tries to strike a perfect deal. Women are so burdened with responsibilities and that baggage of expectations that she just cannot digest a little imperfection in anything she does.

She feels that the only way to being perfect is to get up and get up, she totally denies the idea of imperfection and taking a break from her own crafted life, which somehow hits back sooner or later.

1.) Be kind towards yourself

Will you treat your kid or your spouse or any other family member the way you treat yourself? Will you let your kid work even if he felt drained and exhausted? No, right? Then why do you do it with yourself? Be kind to yourself too.

Remember that you are human and you can make mistakes too, but we as mothers always try to wear that supermom cape and want to do everything even if it takes more than we can handle.

2.) Prioritize your daily tasks

It doesn’t matter if you are a homemaker or a working woman, prepare a daily to-do list, it will help you to structure your day, and prioritize your daily tasks. Leaving less room for procrastination and help you ease a little.

I know we get anxious about little things, we worry for our kids and all the things we have to complete as the day proceeds, but a sane and uncluttered mind will help you perform even better.

3.) Practice gratitude

Being grateful for things around you might help you to feel more positive emotions, express compassion and kindness to others, and even helps to build a stronger immune system.

In the daily rush, pause and take time to be grateful for the bright side you can see amid the darkest of zones. It will give you the strength to move ahead.

4.) Exercise

One of the most underrated and but most important health and fitness tips for women is to make it a point that you exercise at least 30 minutes daily. Give no excuse and take responsibility for your body, not only to shed weight but to release those negative toxins residing inside you.

You know what happens when you follow a strict exercise routine, you begin to care about yourself, and when you give this message to your brain, that your care, gets feed with positive energy, which is powerful enough to build strong resilience in you.

This reminds me of an interesting book written by Madeline Zech Ruiz “I Married a Dick Doctor, Who Fixes Women Too“, in her amusing urology handbook, Ruiz argues that it’s well past time for society to get over its discomfort regarding our plumbing system. She not only provides critical information about that system for both men and women but she also encourages readers to be proactive participants in keeping it healthy.

She has covered topics like penile prostheses, prostate health, vasectomies, kidney stones, and hormone replacement therapy. Of particular note are chapters covering diabetes, the effects of anesthesia, a neighbour’s alarming case of parasites, and pelvic floor therapy for women experiencing incontinence.

Ruiz explains that the woman’s muscles necessary for developing continence are the same that one uses for holding in flatulence. Impressively, the book has already been translated into 13 languages.

This may allow the author to break taboos globally for the sake of improving both men’s and women’s health. A very educational and entertaining read!

5.) Restorative Yogasanans

In restorative yoga, you hold each pose for a little longer, stretch slowly, and allow each muscle to relax. Following this type of Yogasanas helps you release muscle tension and relax deeply.

Connecting to your body and stretching each body part will help you shed the weight you have been carrying on your head and shoulders, you deserve a little me-time and nothing beats taking out some peaceful moments with your own body.


6.) Take time for Meditation

It sounds complicated but trust me it is not, just consider it as a tool for connecting with your inner self, by closing your eyes for 5-8 minutes and forming a natural rhythm with your breathes. Inhaling all the positivity and exhaling all the negativity, how beautiful feeling, it is?

For some, even doing dishes is a meditative tool, if you cannot literally sit and meditate, then do things that help you put at ease and relaxes your mind. It could be anything, you have to identify it, but the important part is to take time for it and only you can do this for yourself.

7.) Practise Mindfulness

Mindfulness allows you to see things as it is and be in the moment without being panicky and anxious about the next moment. When you try to make this a habit you will eventually build less stress within you.

I personally swear by this tool, it is one of the best health and fitness tips for women of all ages. It has helped me maintain my composure in the most difficult situation. It comes through practice, but once you make it a habit you no longer wish to invest your energy and thinking ability at the wrong places.

8.) Go for regular checkups

Women always avoid regular checkups because after a while they become a doctor themselves, they have a home remedy for every problem but every machine needs servicing after few months, consider your body as a machine and go under maintenance often. You may also consider picking up muscle fueling supplements.

Women, after a certain age, go through a lot of hormonal shifts, which causes severe mood swings. Also diseases like thyroid, PCOS, PCOD are prominent in women above 25 these days. Go for regular check-ups, do not take your health for granted.

9.) Do not compromise on your 3 meals

Start your day with a healthy breakfast, that will not only provide you energy for the rest of the day but also kick starts your metabolism. Eat, in small portions but please take out time to eat and have a proper diet rich in calcium, fiber, and iron.

Morning time is the most occupying and overwhelming time for most women and I have seen many women skipping their breakfast in a hurry to reach work or they completely forget to sit and finish their own breakfast while she was busy serving the whole family.

10.) Pay attention to your body

Another one of the important health and fitness tips for women is to Listen. Your body gives you a warning sign when it about to get exhausted and tired. You overlook it and it takes a toll on your health in the long run and then you realize how you have been ignoring your health.

Please pay attention to those signals. Do not suppress your health issue and stop being dependent on others to take you to the doctor or get yourself treated. Take complete charge of your life, because you own it.

11.) Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water. It may seem very basic to remind you to drink a glass of water but staying hydrated is very important for your health as it leads to physical and mental functioning.

A very basic yet health and fitness tips for women. You will remind your kids to drink water, you will re-fill the empty water vessels, but do you sit and drink a glass of water mindfully. Please do that now.

12.) Get enough sleep

Never compromise on your sleep. Keep your phone away before you go to bed. Wash your feet, change your clothes, and slide into your bed. A sound sleep will wake you up to fresh the next morning, for you to kick-start your day.

Sleep is something we are sacrificing a lot these days because our whole world has shifted to the internet, that unlimited scrolling and chatting might give momentary pleasure but not at the cost of your sleep.

So, my dear ladies, these were some simple yet healthy and fitness tips for women. Never underestimate the power of good food, good sleep, and a little exercise. Your body is your prime residence, so please take care of it and protect it. Take out some time and allow yourself to unlock the fittest and healthiest version of yourself. Because no one else is able to do this for you, grab the power. Rise up!

Love and light!


Health and fitness tips for women

Priyanka Nair is the author of 26 Days 26 Ways for a Happier you and Ardhaviram. An NLP practitioner and Founder of Sanity Daily, helping you prioritize your mental health. Let’s build a happy community.



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