Battling Those Pesky Inner Demons- Voice of Noor

So you are a blogger?

“What exactly are you worried about?”

“Why are you so anxious all the time? You’re making the situation sound much worse than it actually is”

“Oh, come on, your husband is the breadwinner. Why are you wasting so much time and energy when you don’t need to?”

“Blogging isn’t work! At least not the kind to stress you out this much!”

“Raising a child shouldn’t be so difficult. When you’re easy-going, everything falls into place”

“Why are you taking your anger and anxiety out on your family? Don’t commit to things if you can’t handle them!”


Noor Anand Chawla

I could go on and on, but I think I’ll stop here. When Priyanka reached out to me to pen a guest post for Sanity Daily, I said yes without even thinking about it. I truly appreciate her acceptance of the fact that mental health problems come in all shapes and sizes. Each one of us is battling our own demons, no matter how small they may seem to the world. Through her guest posting activity, she allows everyone to present their peculiar mental battles, so they may internalize their realizations and come to terms with them. More importantly, it allows others in a similar boat to see that they are not alone.

My loved ones ask me the questions I’ve listed above, very often. Understandably, when my family sees me out of sorts and stressed out, they are concerned for my well-being. Additionally, the stress rubs off on them too, which often leads to bickering and arguments.

More than the questions from my family, however, I often find myself casting doubtful aspersions on myself.

“What is the point of all this?”

“Why am I giving away so much of my creative talent for free?” Why Blogging?

“If I am talented, why am I still wallowing in the small numbers when those less-talented than me, have surged ahead so quickly?”

“Why do I let myself be a doormat to people by allowing them to walk all over me, without receiving the respect I deserve?”

“When will I start seeing results of the immense hard work I’m putting in?”

My problems, in a nutshell, are ‘extreme insecurity and self-doubt’. And most people in the world suffer from these issues in varying forms. It’s nothing novel and can be easily dealt with through simple exercises such as putting things in the correct perspective, practicing meditation to calm the mind, and repeating positive self-affirmations on a daily basis.

However, the most important step is to recognize and accept the problem. Once you are aware that your stress and anxiety is self-imposed, you will be able to work towards overcoming them.

I know, it is definitely easier said than done. Each day seems a different one- some are terrible anxiety-ridden nightmares and others are self-aware and positive ones.

Today, fortunately, is the latter which allows me to share my thoughts with absolute clarity. Here is the advice I can offer;

Few tips to deal with insecurities, anger, and anxiety issues:

  • You are the most important person in your life
  • Love yourself first because only then can you give and receive an abundance of love
  • What is the point of comparing yourself to anyone else? Their journey is completely different from yours. They haven’t tread the same path and they may have unique problems of their own.
  • Count your blessings, every minute of every day. It is so easy to take the good things for granted while dwelling endlessly on the bad ones.
  • It’s ok to feel low and insecure, but it’s also important to work at overcoming these feelings.
  • Don’t judge others, judgment is a reflection of your own deep-set insecurities.
  • Learn the all-important skill of saying ‘no’ to people. You don’t need to prove yourself by taking on too much at one time.
  • Be ready to walk out of commitments if you simply can’t follow up on them. Don’t worry about others disliking or judging you. Your mental health is more important than someone’s perception of you.
  • Talk, talk, talk!! If you don’t have a willing listener around you, or you feel shy and embarrassed to share your innermost feelings with those closest to you, talk to a specialist. There is no shame in consulting a professional.
  • Take a break from your duties and responsibilities once in a while. Indulge in ‘me-time’ as often as you can, because it is imperative to your sanity.

I am not a mental health expert but I recognized these issues in myself and addressed them to the best of my ability. It’s high time that others became self-aware too and reconciled with the inner demons that are stopping them from progressing mentally.

Platforms like Sanity Daily are a beacon of light as they are accessible to everyone, especially to those who don’t have access to help. Just remember, there is no shame in reaching out if you are feeling low or overburdened. I’m just a message away if you’d like to get in touch at nooranand@gmail.com.

Love and light to you all.

Noor Anand Chawla

Noor Anand Chawla is a lawyer who pursued her passion for writing through her lifestyle blog Noor Anand Chawla, where she covers topics related to parenting, health & fitness, beauty & fashion, art & culture, food & drink as well as travel. She can also be found on Instagram as @nooranandchawla.

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