How to Deal With in laws Who Hate You – Mental Stress

“How to deal with in laws who hate you?” The trickiest part in handling the whole marriage saga is when you know that you are not being liked by your in laws rather your in laws hate you, and yet you have to stay with them and face the hurt daily. 

We live in a society, which is a by-product of the stereotypical belief system and the deep-rooted societal standards we are forced to follow after marriage. I have been married for a while now and I know how it could feel if you’re completely abandoned by your in laws. 

Being a mental health awareness promoter, I want women to realize that nothing is as important as their mental peace. In my marriage, I have had a few such experiences, and I could understand the pain women go through in order to fit in. This theory of “fitting in” is the major culprit in all relationships. Especially when it comes to dealing with your in laws. 

How to Deal with In Laws Who Hate You?

A bitter relationship with in laws affects the overall harmony and atmosphere of the house and family members. It is true that life takes a steep turn after marriage. It also becomes a living nightmare for most of us. Even though we try to put our best foot forward they judge us, criticize us and show their disrespect. 

It could become a very painful story if you let the feelings of hatred enter your mind; it could ruin your mental peace. The urge of getting accepted and loved takes a toll on us and we dwell on all the possibilities to make things work. Let us discuss how you can mindfully learn about how to deal with in laws who hate you and nullify the mental stress caused by their hatred.

It becomes all the more difficult when you have to stay with your in laws who cause problems and face them daily. Staying with in laws is not a bad thing; After all, your in laws also become another family once you are married to their house. But if your new family members treat you with disgrace and insensitivity, then surely it will turn out into the most pungent experience of your life. Let me put forward a few points which will give you some clarity on how to deal with in laws who hate you and avoid any mental stress it can cause you.

10 Mindful Ways to Deal with in Laws Who Hate You and cause Mental Stress to you

I have come out with very basic mindfulness practices that you can follow daily. In any situation, the most important part you play as a member of a family is to maintain a joyful and peaceful environment around you. Just keep in mind the below-mentioned ten practices, which will surely help you stay positive even in the worst situations triggered by your in laws.

1. Be yourself
2. Regain balance
3. Unite with your spouse
4. Maintain distance
5. Don’t impose yourself 
6. Be assertive
7. Stop pleasing
8. Part of life, not life
9. Don’t forget to breathe
10. Patience

How to deal with in laws who hate you

1. Be yourself

Due to the pressure of family values and family image, we tend to be over-submissive right from the beginning. Once you enter the premises of a new family, you need to drop the baggage of expectation and continue to be yourself. New brides push themselves too hard to gain love and respect from the in laws and when they fail to please them they go into self-doubt.

You should continue to be the way you were in your family; you were loved by your family members the way you are. With your in laws, the situation might differ, but they will gradually understand your nature.

2. Regain balance

It is difficult to regain consciousness after the frequent hateful words you hear from your in laws, but taking small steps towards regaining stability and balance is very essential for your peace of mind. Why do we talk only about mother in laws, you might encounter even a biased sister in law or a controlling father in law but you cannot let their actions affect your mental state, right?

Those harsh words could put you under deep stress, and once you lose your balance, you will lose out on your mental stability. Regain balance every time you feel you are going into a stressful zone. Tap out of the moment.

3. Unite with your spouse

Your spouse is what your marriage is all about, and this is the most common reason for all the hateful behavior you receive frequently. The son of the house is someone’s life partner now and the sudden change in priorities, adjustments and seeking privacy raises an alarming situation in the minds of in laws, thinking they will lose their son now.

Unite with your spouse, tell him everything and ask him to accompany you whenever you have to confront any unpleasant situation. Do not expect him to fight for you for at least ask him to see things with his own inference.

4. Maintain distance

When we know that we might get hurt, what do we do? We avoid such situations. Same logic we have to apply in our daily life while living with in laws, if they cannot change their attitude towards us. We have to maintain healthy boundaries with toxic in laws who do not care about our space and intrude with their arrogance.

We need to draw a distance. Do not allow yourself to cross the line and step into their sensitive area. Maintaining distance will only keep you away from getting more hurt and saving you from getting stressed over things beyond your control.

5. Don’t impose yourself

Hating you is a choice your in laws have made and it has nothing to do with you. You are not responsible for their behavior unless and until you try to impose yourself on them.

Remember, you can only change yourself and alter your attitude. You can never make a space of your own in your in laws heart if you stress about imposing your idea of happiness. They will never buy it.

6. Be assertive

In laws could be manipulative, they might say harsh things to your face and deny it in front of others. Such situations are very harmful to any relationship, and by doing this, they increase the distance even more.

The scars of the hurtful words might stay inside you but don’t let them play with your mind, be assertive in your approach. Be firm on your decisions and your thought process, if you know that you are right and you do not deserve such hatred then stand for yourself even when you have to stand alone.

7. Stop pleasing

It reminds me of the unsolicited advice I received from one of my family members. Someone suggested to me you just have to pamper your mother-in-law’s ego and you will win her heart forever. I saw her with surprise but could not say a word at that time.

During my whole duration of the marriage, all I could do was to mend things, make her happy, please her, appreciate her, and gift her pieces of stuff but I could never pamper her ego because my self-respect did not allow me to do so. I realized it was all waste because what that lady had advised me was true.

This is what I call social conditioning, and I never wanted to be a part of it, because if I would have done that I would have lost myself in the process.

8. Part of life, not life

You need to understand this. Your in laws are a part of your life and not your life. Your life is what you make it. How do you turn into a better version despite all the background noise you hear daily?

Every family member is important as a part of a family, but when the in laws do not understand the importance of one person as a family member, you need to draw a line and cut on toxicity right there. It will only start bothering you from inside, and eventually, it will lead to episodes of irritable behaviour with your spouse and children.

9. Don’t forget to breathe

In this whole process of pleasing your in laws, getting hurt by their hateful words, and being tired of being a victim. You forget to breathe, pause, and reflect. Introspect. You need to find a way out, a path to yourself.

I have seen many women who accept such a condition as their fate, and many women just suffer in silence. I am not asking you to make noise but at least do not lose your inner self. Keep yourself alive from within. Prepare yourself for the future so you don’t commit the same mistakes you are being victimized for in present.

10. Be grateful

Look at the bright side; Just changing a direction helps you to see an entirely different world waiting for you. You might suffer a lot because of the hateful behaviour of your in laws, but you will still have something to be grateful for. Identify that.

Your husband, your children, your career, your parents, your childhood friend, or anything. Also, you must have some passion in your life, a hobby, a hidden talent, and a desire. Focus on better things. Do not let others’ negativity enter inside you and trouble your paradise. Channelise your energy in building yourself from the inside. Come what may you allow no single word of hatred to take your inner peace from you.

How to maintain positivity in your personal space?

Women are blessed with a distinct quality of “Perseverance,” to maintain a purpose in their lives despite difficulties. There are several ways you can deal with your in laws and yet maintain your composure, I have mentioned a few helpful do’s and don’t in my blog, titled, How to Handle In Laws Living with you?  which also throws some significant light on how to deal with in laws who hate you.

We can only control ourselves and what happens inside us. As a matter of fact nothing is permanent in this world. Situations change, and people change too. You never know when things will start blooming between you and your in laws. But for that, we need to continue to be ourselves.

What cannot be cured must be endured. Either we lead by example or live by example through our actions and through our stories, which could inspire so many people around us.

dealing with hateful in laws

Possible reasons why your in laws hate you

Cultural differenceThe most common problem yet unsolved for ages, both the members ( Daughter in law and mother in law) need to sit and try to get to know each other, leaving their judgemental mindset aside. You both belong to different families and it is natural to come across cultural differences.
Insecurity in mother in lawHer son is now your husband, and you are a newly married couple. Lost in your own fantasy world. This is right on your part and every newly married couple goes through the same path but things change when we proceed with life and see it differently.

A mother is always insecure about her child and when she sees someone else getting equal or a little more important than her son, she develops an unknown fear inside her, which results in a lot of rage and frustration.

Religious differencesIn many places, the situation is worse because of the religious differences among the family members. Inter-caste and inter-religious marriages still face a lot of demerits. You are constantly judged on the religious beliefs and caste you represent.

It is again one of the stereotypes of our society that we do not understand, as we are all humans, above our cast or religion.

The Boss Lady’s AttitudeIt is this thing with mother in laws; They are very protective of their house and belongings. They feel they rule the house, of course, they do. But what they wrongly perceive is that a new woman in the form of a daughter-in-law will enter the house, she will snatch her position and try to dominate her.

She retaliates to something which is not even happening at that point in time, just to protect her position and respect in the family, she treats a newly married woman like a worthless creature.

Should you hate your in laws because they hate you?

A big NO, hate will only destroy you and spread a lot of negative energy around you. You will carry negative emotions in everything you do. So I would request that even if your in laws hate you, you still be compassionate towards them and never allow them to take what you have inside you.  

If you are still thinking about, how to deal with in laws who hate you, I would insist on stressing less giving your relationship with your in laws some time and staying positive in every situation. Maintain a healthy distance so that you don’t have to face the hurt frequently. Never allow them to cost your mental peace and ruin your relationship with your life partner. Practice peace and the possibility is they might understand you gradually. 

Lots of love and gratitude

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  1. My Mother in law was very nice before our marriage but now her behaviour is changing day by day…. There are so many things which she didn’t clear before marriage. Now she is having problems with all that…. Even she has problem that I am working….life has became hell whenever i am with her…. How to deal with this?

  2. Being judged everytime by inlaws wen confronted they play victim plot lies against me never appreciated my efforts,can’t tolerate wen someone loves me even my small baby’s love makes them insecure.pressure comes on me and then on my relationship wid husband so much interference whole day they keep advising as if I m good for nothing.wat should I do can’t even go to ny own church they take me to their own church

  3. My in-laws hate me because my husband plays victim when he is the obvious problem but none of them tell him he is wrong. Instead they blame me and make me the villain. My husband calls his sister when we are in the middle of a huge fight EVERYTIME to showcase how “crazy” I am, of course this is only after he has gaslighted me to that point. He invites them over when I’m not home and has an entirely different life outside of our home, with them, and takes our 2 year old with him because I’m not welcome to any event they have planned. This has progressed and came to a head when I heard them trash talking me in my own home through the camera in our living room. I couldn’t take it anymore and said something but instead of apologizing to me, I got chastised And accused of “spying” on them. I’m at a total loss

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