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As a single parent, I live with a passion-driven purpose to work on myself every day, as I have learned that self-improvement and self-preserving is the only thing in our control. I help my readers with the best ways to take complete charge of their lives. I am here to help you forge your path and unlock your full potential.

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The National Service Scheme of Daulat Ram College, DelhiMangement
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"The presentation was beautiful and informative, defining resilience and effective strategies to build upon it. The mindful hacks shared by you enlightened us with the need to stress on self-acceptance and to acknowledge one’s own emotions. The real-life examples cited by you gave deeper insight into the importance of nurturing our mental and emotional health.
Inayat KansalBA (Hons.) Psychology
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"The session was indeed helpful. Her thoughts were wide and clear in her words. The hacks, breathing techniques mentioned by her is something practically to be implemented immediately by each individual. I really felt a change in my attitude and perspective of taking things and events. She has completely reasonable theories to why a person should introspect and watch the other side of every event."
CA Nirlep BhattChairperson - Doha Chapter of the ICAI
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Thank you very much for the highly enlightening session on Mental Wellness. The session was full of perfect contents, relevant examples & an engaging delivery style. We have received excellent feedback. We are also thankful to you for accommodating our request and customize the contests and still, we all found you so spontaneous & somewhere we can relate with discussion. You have adeptly raised awareness about mental health.
Nidhi GuptaStudent
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The most amazing person I have ever come across. Thank you so much for your 15 days self-discovery challenge. It helped me out a lot. Lots of love to you.
Nisha ShivramFounder of speaknshine and Host, Talksopedia
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Priyanka is the friend we all wished we had during our times of distress. A compassionate mental health coach, a prolific blogger and a speaker who can connect with her audience easily.
Aditi KapoorBA (Hons.) English
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Priyanka Ma’am conducted a very engaging webinar indeed! Her way of speaking and hacks mentioned by her were very captivating and unique. I felt very inspired by the end of the session.
Haimi PraharajB.Com (Hons.)
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I loved the webinar! The content was so carefully curated and Priyanka mam was so generous and encouraging in her thoughts that by the end I could feel a change in my mentality.
SNJB’s COEMBA Department
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"We wish to place our gratitude for your participation on date 11th August from 14:00 hrs to 15:00 hrs as guest resource person for the sessions on “Stress Management for Teachers”. It was a privilege to have you in our midst. The Expert Talk was live, engaging, thought-provoking and educative for all of us.
Sanjay S SisodiaC.A.
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The sessions we did in the recent past, we are really thankful to you for taking out time and joining the sessions as a panelist on more than one occasion.
Aditi SharmaHomemaker
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Lately my mental health was not good due to many new changes in life and I was overthinking, crying alot in nut was in very messy place. Somehow I came across sanity daily article regarding similar issue. And I felt someone understood me and dnt think I am wrong to behave like that. I felt so calm but I wanted more clarity so I contacted priyanka via Twitter and she had given me some solid advice which I will remember. It's such great work she is doing. More than 5 star for your service towards humanity
Suha VijayParenting Coach
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Priyanka is a Mental Health Blogger and certified Mental Health practicioner. Her counseling advises are really practical and easy to help. She gives 100% attention to you, without any distractions. Her blogs are really exhaustive and has a lot of sensible information, which meets the needs of information seeker.
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Priyanka is a cordial person who brings in authentic mental health advocacy to her blog Sanity Daily. As a fellow amateur blogger, I enjoy reading her views on complex topics in bite sized content.
NSSDelhi University
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One of the best quality website for mental health related problems. She treats you like you want to for mental health.
KavachEducation Portal
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Great place for improving our Mental health.
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