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Helping you forge your own path.

Mental Health Coaching

Mental health is not a one time thing. It’s a lifelong pursuit. I am here to help you focus on mental health and make it a lifestyle.

Managing Stressful Relations

De-stress your situation and embrace a happier you. I am here to help you remain stress free post marriage.

Unlock Your Full Potential.

Say Hello to THE NEW YOU


Remain Happy

Realize Dreams

Embrace Positivity

Unleash Yourself

Handling Relations

Allow your marriage to transform you for better and not make a slave out of you.

Stress Management

De-stress your life make happiness a life long experience.

Mental Health Awareness

Staying aware about mental health is as important as the oxygen you breathe.

Never Stop Investing in yourself!

The world believes that life changes after marriage. Change is a good thing and is a way of life. So, why should change after marriage be enslaving ? Why should it be toxic ? Shouldn’t it be more transformational ? Well it can and will be if you are ready to take care of your sanity and approve yourself with pride.

Stay mindful of your inner voice, psyche and inherent wishes. Respect yourself and approve yourself despite all shortcomings. You’re human. Treat yourself that way.

Is your marriage affecting you mentally ?

If yes, it is time you start priortizing your mental health. Remember, a saner you will lead towards a saner family.

Is your marriage affecting you physically ?

If yes, it is time you take absolute control of your body and start taking care of it. Remember, a healthier you will lead towards a healthy family.

Is your marriage affecting you emotionally ?

If yes, it is time you look for positivity within and balance your emotions. Remember, a balanced you will lead towards a balanced family.

Is your marriage affecting your psyche ?

If yes, it is time you honour your innate desires and start valuing your soul. Remember, a more spiritually awakened you will lead towards a spiritually awakened family.

Is your marriage affecting your inner peace ?

If yes, it is time you listen to your true inner voice and start blocking all negativity. Remember, a more peaceful you will lead towards a peaceful family.

Accolades and Awards

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Interviewed by Kenny Aronson

I have been interviewed individually in the past, on a special Podcast by Kenny Aronson, Founder of the ‘Davinci Mindest.’

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Wellness E Book

I have written an EBook entitled, ’26 Days 26 Ways for a Happier You: An A to Z Guide to Self-Help and Self-Awareness.’ 

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Featured on Sheroes India

I have been featured as a survivor paving the way for aspiring Bloggers on Sheroes – India’s largest online platform for women.

Find Your Balance.

Create a Happy Life.

Take A Challenge.

Reward Yourself.

Creating a happy home and living blissfully as a family is all that should matter in life. Whether you are a new bride, an experienced bride, a stay at home mom, a working mom or even somebody on the verge of a divorce, learn to priortize mental well being.

A sane mind rests within a sane body. So take care of your mental, physical and emotional psyche. Your persona matters in the world. Your thoughts matter and you matter. Love yourself every single day.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!